Monday, March 18, 2019

NAPE Gr-C All India Conference

Date : 18.03.2019

NAPE Gr-C All India Conference

Dear All CWC members,  Circle Secretaries,  Division/Branch Secretaries and Members, 

Our silence over the issue of postponing the AIC is not for want answers. it's not a easy task and simple one to take decision instantly with out giving serious consideration of adverse consequences such measure will leave behind on the fate our union.

 The first and foremost is the legitimate liability behold of CHQ to complete the AIC before 27 months since last AIC held i.e. before 5th May 19. Our union will derecognize if we don't hold before grace period. Once derecognized all trade union facilities will be lost.  It is extremely difficult to restore trade union  facilities by electing a fresh All India Union. Is this for a situation our colleagues are trying? 

Against this back drop of timeline only the AIC was notified before the general election and its schedule was declared. All the delegates have booked  tickets for their travel to the venue and sudden cancellation will result in the financial loss. Furthur the probable break in continuity of recognition of ALL INDIA UNION, will deprive the delegates of the due Trade union facility to attend the time barred AIC. 

The AIC was notified with in the stipulated period of 27 months by the Cheif executive of the union as per our Constitution. In doing so the AIC do not stand in the way of those who want to excercise the right of suffrage . It is a matter of priority  of the individual concerned to decide their prerogatives as per the law of land. The law of land shall not punish any one  for not attending conference in order to excercise the vote in General Election.

Many of the circles  are not deputing postal officials to election duty citing the shortage of staff etc. They are therefore spared. Like wise the circles secretaries of objecting Circles  may prevail upon the circle administration to spare the delegates of AIC from election work or even get the facility of postal ballots under section 60 and 20 of Indian Representation act 

The reason for non conducting the conference in Feb 19 with out availing grace period was well explained by GS in the CWC held on 2.1.19 and 3.1.19. Both Sri Kandoji rao and Sri B. Sivakumar were very much present. The extra time was permitted by cwc due to delay in approval and publication of  the name of General secretary elected in the vacancy of D.Kisan Rao retirement in cwc of June 18.

It is not directorate fault on any account. The cwc members know very well, who are responsible for the damage and delay. The cwc decision was violated and extraneous political influence was brought in to cripple the legitimately elected general secratary. All the valuable time to upkeep the activities of All india union were blocked by none other than the leaders letters from Chhattisgarh, Karnataka and West Bengal. Those lette obtained from Directorate will be published/circulated soon. 

We are prepared to publish the evidences. Having attempted and failed in the first instance to impound union, now another round is under enactment in the name of voting previleges in General Election etc.

The majority of delegates across the country are prepared to participate in the ensuing AIC and the AIC will be conducted as per our Constitution to fullfil the time bound obligation and  ensuring the recognition to union .

Please try to understand and we request you to take decision as per your priority and the demand of the law of land in right perspective. The law of the land do not empower me to stall  your right to vote by insisting cent percent attendance in AIC.        With a hope of positive understanding......      

We are of genuine faith  that the experienced  leaders will understand  the difficulties of hosting circle  have  to face in cancelling the arrangement that are partially paid as non refundable Advance.                   It's is inform that our AIC will be held as per the notification already issued.  Kindly make the AIC grand success.  

Sivaji Vasireddy,