Monday, February 18, 2019

CWC meeting of NAPE,c : MP circle

Date : 18.02.2019

CWC meeting of NAPE,c : MP circle

CWC meeting of NAPE,c MP circle held at Khedapathi International hotel,  Dewas,  Indore on 17-2-19 under chairmanship of Sri DK Tiwari circle president. 

MP circle union pays it's tribute to the bereaved family members of soldiers who died in brutal attack on 14/2/19 at Pulwama.  We condemn this attack and also extends solidarity to Indian Army and to Govt of India. 

Today  Indore mofassil  din conference also held and Sri Santosh varma reelected as DS. 

CWC honoured and recollects the service rendered by Sri TR Mandloai Ex Cs and CHQ office bearer who retired on 31.12.18.

Sivaji Vasireddy