Tuesday, February 27, 2018

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Friday, February 23, 2018

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2)Pay Scale for Casual Labourers with Temporary statusClick here to view

Thursday, February 22, 2018

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Monday, February 19, 2018

1)Verification of online applications submitted by DOP employees for the selection to IPPB on deputation for the post of Assistant Manager (Area operation) Read more.
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Saturday, February 17, 2018

FNPO Secretary General Letters to Directorate

Date : 17.02.2018

FNPO Secretary General Letters to Directorate

Non-Recovery of Union subscription from NUGDS members

Request to furnish action taken on my federation demands

Request to grant of new scale to the temporary status CL

Counting of induction training period for grant of financial upgradation under TBOP/BCR Scheme : Department of Posts.

Date : 17.02.2018

Counting of induction training period for grant of financial upgradation under TBOP/BCR Scheme : Department of Posts.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

Skill India Initiative Targets training of 30 thousand Apprentices Read more

NAPE GS Letters to Directorate on BD Targets

Date : 15.02.2018

Unbearable harassment of staff in the name of achieving BD /New Accounts/RPLI/PLI premia collections in blatant violation of Directorate instructions/Orders - Reg : NAPE General Secretary Letters to Secretary , Department of Posts.

Annexure submitted to Directorate

(Central Head Quarters)
No. 17-2-17, P&T Quarters, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001
No.APC/BD Targets/1-2/2018                                                                                          Dated  12.02.2018

Sri A.N.Nanda,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan, New Delhi-1


Sub: Unbearable harassment of staff in the name of achieving BD/New Accounts/ PLI/RPLI Premia collections in blatant violation of  Directorate instructions/Orders- reg.   
My union constrained to bring the following facts on the above subject for favour of your kind consideration and causing redressal of the issue. 
It is a naked fact that many Divisional Heads in AP Circle are harrassing the GDS and departmental staff in their respective jurisdictions for meeting the  “Impractical  Targets”  fixed without taking into account the  ground realities  with regard to opening of new accounts with a new concept  of ‘Net Accounts and  procurement of  PLI/RPLI Premia Collections.  
            In order to achieve such huge & impractical targets,   the Divl and Sub Divl. Heads are folowing highly irregular practices in total and blatant violation of Directorate instructions/guidelines got issued from time to time.   Circle Unions observed the following violations which are reuired to be taken  serious  note of it:    
1.      According to Rule 3A(i)  of  the  GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2011, a GDS  shall not be required to perform duty beyond  a maximum pereiod of 5 hrs a day  and as per the Rule 3A(iii) ibid, a Sevak  is required t give an undertaking  to the effect that he has other sources of income besides the allowances paid or to be paid by Government for adequate means of livelihood for himself and his family.
            But, the above said two rules are completely deviated and violated by the Divl/Sub Divl. Heads by conducting melas, door-to-door compaigns and with day-long road shows upto 2100 or 2200 hrs  every day  and by compelling the GDS staff  to participate in such melas, road-shows  etc.    Beyond  the 5 hrs  and depriving them  from chance of  getting  other sources of income for adequate  means  of livelihood for themselves  and  their families.
2. Violation  of  instructions  of  Directorate lr. No. 08-09/2017/SR dt. 16.08.2017:
The  instructions  contained in the  Directorate cited above clearly stipulate  not to use   coersive   methods  in achieving  targets  and  also directed  to educate  & motive the GDS staff for Development  of Business.  But, unfortunately, Our  Union  is very much compelled  to state  that these instructions/orders  are  completely  neglected  and violated  by all the  Divl/Sub Divl. Heads  for achieving  their  targets  by forcing & pressurising   and  worst of all,  by thereatening  with  dire consequences  in case of  non-achievement of targets and the GDS staff forced to pay from  their own pockets and   ultimately ,  the  poor   GDS  staff  are becoming  sufferers 
3.  Violation  of  instructins  contained in  Directorate lr. No. F.No116-26/2015-SB dt.19.08.2015:
According to the instructions contained in the Directorate  letter cited above, wrong  splitting  of amount and opening of multiple  accounts  shall be stopped  as  it serves no purpose and  rather  it may invite  complaints  in addition  to increasing  administrative cost.      
                     But, the above instructions are also totally violated by many Divl/Sub Divl. Heads at field level with giving no value to the said Directorate orders. Where multiple accounts opened in the name of single person in a single some examples of Narasraopet Division and Tenali division are submitted here for immediate reference and for necessary action. Even TD accounts are also splitting in to multiple accounts.
4. Insufficient forms and Stationery:  It has come to know that Divisions are not equiped with the sufficient number of Forms and Stationery also like account opening forms and the stock of Pass Books is nil at all Divisions.  The after sale service in respect of PLI/RPLI is also not up to the mark at all levels due to this the PAs/MEs who are engaged for procurement of PLI/RPLI business are facing trouble in getting business.
5. Single Handed SOs problems:  The Single Handed SPMs are living in hell with the existing number of account standing at BOs and technical issues related to networking and sever failures, in addition the GDS BPMs are compelled by the SDI(P)s to open new accounts.  All the Divisional Heads and Sub Divisional heads are well aware that the work could not be managed with human efforts.  But they are not finding any alternative to manage the work simply saying that there is no provision to provide outsourcing also in CSI hence the Single Handed SPM has to die for the sake of completion of work and targets.
                     Hence my union is very much constrained to bring the unbearable harrassment meted out by the Divl/Sub Divl. Heads  in the name of  B.D  targets  and  request  to  cause stoppage  of  violation  of  Directorate  instructions  with  a  fond hope  of  positive  response  from  the AP Circle Administration  and  failing  which  we  will  be  left  with  no  other alternative  except   to  launch  a  constructive  trade union  action  which  include “ work  to rule” and  non-co-operation in a chieving BD Targets to  safeguard  the interests  and  welfare  of  the  staff.                      
 We further request the Hon’ble Secretary to cause suitable action to appraise the Divisional Heads and Sub Divisional Heads not to indulge in unproductive and unuseful practices.
                      Thanking you, Sir,
                                                                                                                            Yours sincerely

                                                                                                                  General Secretary


(Central Head Quarters)
No. 17-2-17, P&T Quarters, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001

No. 1-1/2018                                                                                                                       Dated: 12-02-2018


Sri A.N.Nanda,
Department of Posts,
Dak Bhavan
New Delhi-1


Sub: Unbearable harassment of staff in the name of achieving BD/New Accounts/ PLI/RPLI Premia collections in blatant violation of  Directorate instructions/Orders- reg. 

            It is to bring the procedures followed by in achieving the targets and immense pressure placed on the operative staff to achieve the targets.

            It is obvious that what ever the flagship programs or targets constructed at Directorate Level have been uplifted by the operative staff at ground level.  But inspite of the efforts the operative staff of India Post have been harrassed in different modes for achievement of targets.

            The pressure of targets have been born by the staff since years though it has been requested many times and by many means to find a constructive measures for achievement of targets.  It was also appraised in numerics that the staffs are facing the pressure of targets beyond the reality.

            Yes, we believe that all the wings of DOP should work co-operatively for development of the organization, by lining some targets.  Indeed the staff are working up to that level, but the ways and means followed for achievement of targets are causing embrassement and stress to the staff leading to frustration, as they have been assigned with the work of operations and generation of business simultaneously, without observing the work load on the staff and without providing the required resources.

            The targets designed at higher level are populated to Circles.  The Circles are distributing the targets to the Regions.  Regions are distributing the targets to the Divisions and the divisions are distributing the targets among the sub divisions and offices.  From then the irrational practices have been taking places.  No where from Circle to Office level are following scientific marketing measures to garner the business.  Already SDI(P)s are attached with 2 Mail Overseers on an average, in AP Circle in addition Group D Assistance is also given to the SDI(P)s.  On average every division is having 4 Sub Divisions, i.e., 4 SDI(P), 8 Mail Overseers and 4 Group D staff are moving in field through out the year.  In addition, 2 PAs per division are spared as Marketing executives.  The efforts of the SDI(P)s, Mail Overseers may be utilized to optimum extent for generation of good business through out the year.  The same was mentioned by the IPOs while representing to the Pay commisions that they are responsible for procurement and generation of new business and was also acknowledged and recommended by the Department for augmentation of allowances.  Otherwise enthusiastic GDS officials may be called in vacant PA posts utilizing their services for business promotion. There will not be no rush during the Financial year closings, if this measures are followed.  But instaed, during the months of January, February and March officials from operative offices are identified as saleforce, badly affecting the aftersale services in respect of Insurance and Savings Bank work.

            In any system of achievement, the operative staff will perform the work related to operations and middlement level management will perform the work related to garner the business and high level management will design the goals and objectives.  But in India Post it is happening in different way that the operative staff only have to perform the work related to operatons and the work related to gathering the business and finally results are recorded as the efforts of the middle management.  During the process the administrative staff from SDI (P) to the higher are just placing immense pressure on lower level staff and collecting the figures forcible as achievement.  The ways are illustrated below.

1.      The staff are threatened in the name of APARs and disciplinary measures
2.     The GDS BPMs are being threatened and humiliated to achive the targets.  The GDS BPMs are just given numbers to achieve without observing the potentiality and existing work load.
3.     Generally, Melas will be conducted to collect business, but surprisingly now in Melas the business collected by ground level staff during a period have been compiled and shown as achievement in the Melas
4.     In respect of accounts opening targets, rendering to split the higher denominations to possible lowest denomination thereby increasing the number of accounts
5.     The offices not even supplied with the stationary and required number of passbooks also to the tune of targets assigned to the offices
6.     Atlast after achievement of target, it just being projected as the efforts of one wing ignoring the workers at ground level.  They are not so keen either in giving legitimate benefits and facilities or in encouraging the staff.  Example:
a.     In AP Circle, Tenali Division: - The Superintendent has awarded low level of APARs effecting the future career of the officials to the major percentage of the staff, compared to the previous years.  It clearly shows the attitude of some officers that if any thig is achieved it is their effort and if any thing is not achieved it is the failure of the operative staff.
7.     Particularly the Branch Postmasters and C class SPMs are living in hell due to the increased work load but the officers are not even interested to examine the situations and to provide proper resource by any mean.  They are just with the goal that the target should be achieved under any circumstances, even at the cost of phycological embrassment of the staff.

8.     The Divisional Administration is placing pressure on the Branch Offices which are already having the maximum work load.  But as per the GDS Conduct Rules of Rule 3.a.i. the GDS BPMs cannot be given with TRCA beyond 5 hours.  Due to this pressure, the GDS BPMs loosing his rightful option of aleternate livelyhood as per GDS Conduct Rule 3.a.iii.  

Hence in this connection it is to request the kind authority to look into the happenings at ground level and create an environement to work co_operatively in increasing the business of the organization.  Otherwise a type of non_coperation may emerge soon from ground level at once collectively against the ways followed for achievements then the situation may become unmanagebly.

      It is to request to instruct the concerned to take up the work of garnering the business and to take the work of operations from the staff by providing required hurman and technical resources.  Then the targets will be achieved in a healthy manner which will construct strong base for growth of the Department.

Thanking you

                                                                                                                            Yours sincerely

                                                                                                                  General Secretary

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

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Tuesday, February 13, 2018

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Monday, February 12, 2018

50th Golden jubilee celebrations started at Nagapur city in a grand manner with big rally from Nagapur GPO to Vasantarao Desh Pandey conference Hall at 9 am. The FNPO crew of Maharashtra circle gathered more members with family. Thousands of activists participated  in the rally and shown their commitment  towards the union. The full details will be published soon.  click here to view

Sunday, February 11, 2018

1)Maharashtra circle invite all FNPO colleagues to attend Golden Jubilee celebration of our Federation at Nagpur today Click here to view 
2)SBI reports Q3 net lossClick here to read

Saturday, February 10, 2018

1)Lunch hour demonstration  click here to view photos
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Thursday, February 8, 2018

GDS Pay Committee Report News :

Date : 8.2.2018

GDS Pay Committee Report News :

With reliable information it came to our notice GDS pay committee report has again been sent back to Department of Posts from Prime Minister Office.In this condition this particular issue could not be placed before the Cabinet.

under what circumstances and what changes are required to the Office of the PMO did not known.After clear information we will let you know the reasons behind why the file has been sent back to Department of Posts.

D.Kishan Rao
General Secretary
Maximum age limit in case of appointment by deputation / deputation (including short term contract)  click here to read more

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

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