Saturday, December 9, 2017

1)inking of Aadhaar with PAN extends date till 31.3.18- Read more
Ways to Prevent Aadhaar Misuse: How to Lock and Unlock Your Number- Read more
2) SmRenuka Chowdary, Hon'ble Member of Parliament assured that she will  raise her voice on behalf of 3 Lakh GDS in Parliament Click here to view
3) Mandatory use of Savings Account for credit of maturity/premarure value, monthly/quartedy/yearly
4) interest in case of MIS/SCSS/TD accounts and investments from 01'' December, 2017.Click here to view :
5)Aadhar seeding PPT.   Click the  above link to view
6) The objective of the Government is to fully protect the interest of the financial institutions and the depositors read more
7) Process of Bulk Upload of Aadhaar Number with SB CIF. read more
8) Seeding of Aadhar & Mobile in all POSB Accounts the present time frame may be changed Click here to view letter.
Click the above link to read.
10)Stop CSI roll out implementation-  Read more.
11)  Discontinuation of execution of bond for direct recruit candidates as provided under Appendix 21 of P&T Volume IV -Click here to view
12) Modi Adviser Says RBI Misguided on Prices, Should Cut Rates.The RBI did not respond to an email or phone call seeking comment - Read more. 
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