Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Letter to Secretary on CSI problems

No:NAPE/Gr-c/CSI issues/2017                                                                                                                   Dated 19.12.2017
Shri. A.Nanda
Department of Posts
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi – 110001
Sub:-   CSI problems -reg.
My union wish to bring the following problems related to CSI to the notice of Secretary, Department of Posts for immediate intervention and for favorable consideration.
Network Issues:
Consequent on implementation CSI, the network access is fallen down to 50% due to parallel access of CSI and CBS.  Network related issues have been arising frequently As the band width of C class office is very low the staff at C class office are facing much inconvenience during important hours between 10am to 4pm.
Equipment related issues: In many offices the UPS and Generator have not been functioning. Annual Maintenance of Electronic equipment like UPS, Generators, Systems, Printers have not been solved at Divisional. Divisional level authorities are tossing the issues to RO Level and ROs tossing the issues to Circle Level. The AMCs of Computer Related equipments are not being renewed in time.
Pass Book Printers : The Directorate has been compelling for use of Pass Book Printers and to avoid manual entries in Pass Books like in banks. But in banks there are separate outsourced counters for updating of Pass Books. The transaction mechanism in Post Office is traditional one unlike banks. It is hard nut to crack to print100% transactions through Pass Book printers, particularly in respect of RD accounts opened thru MPKBY. Passbook printers supplied are not in working condition in many offices.

CSI Related issues: Due to CSI roll out, before Rural ICT, the staff are facing immense pressure for completion of daily work. They have been spending much time beyond working hours for routine work. Thousands of multiple denomination accounts have been opened since 5 years at each BOs. Feeding of concerned vouchers in CBS and for completion of related works in CSI at SO staff have been facing over work load.
In C class SO’s where CSI is rolled out without RICT the SPM has to perform the work of all the BO’s and it is impossible for him to complete the work due to had connectivity. The divisional heads compelling them for opening of New Accounts  and new PLI/RPLI business. The after sale services like maturity sanctions, PLI/RPLI closures came to a standstill. For a single transaction the SPM has to struggle with two passwords and various modules which is time consuming.
We have already requested providing another hand or merger of C class offices. The use of two passwords is most undesirable. Quick decision has to be taken on this aspect instead of a postmortem at a later date.
It has been requested for implementation of CSI Roll out only after Rural ICT rollout with the Circles. But the circles have been bulldozing CSI roll out without Rural ICT without asseing the practical difficulties. Many issued have been encountered due to this, at Branch Offices and Sub offices for smooth completion of accounting. Regarding CSI user friendly interface, the POS and DPMS are moderately User friendly. But the F&A module is not user friendly and staff are feeling much hardship for working in F&A modules.
Rural ICT: Even in the division rolled out for RICT the work related to CBS or SB is only being done at BO level. Other works like MOs, Register Post, Speed Post are not implemented in many divisions
Aadhar Seeding and Mobile Linking : Orders have been issued for completion of Aadhar Seeding and Mobile linking to all accounts by giving target dates. But the process of Aadhar Linking and Mobile linking is a continuous process, the process is continuing in Banks still, though the Banks have been using online packages and KYC based transactions since decades. In DOP the online banking system is just introduced since 2015 and many of the accounts without KYCs are migrated to CBS out of which many of the accounts are not operational.
We hope that the Hon’ble Secretary, Department of posts will take necessary steps for solving the above problems
      Yours faithfully

                                                                                                                            (D Kishan Rao)

                                                                                                                             General Secretary

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