Monday, December 18, 2017

2)We expect the Dearness Allowance to be 7% with effect from January  Read more.

3)Treatment immediately after retirement without  getting a CGHS Token Card
Read ore 
4)Railways May Soon Offer Discounts Like Airlines, HotelsClick here to read
5)Family members who are wholly dependent upon the Central Government employee but who are residing in another city in an area covered under the Scheme will also be eligible for availing of CGHS facilities.Read more

5)Reimbursement of the cost of OPD medicines for treatment in post operative conditions like Cardiac Surgery, Organ transplantation, Knee/hip replacement, Neuro surgical/neurological cases and cancerclick here to view
Follow-up Treatment of CGHS Beneficiaries in Recognized Hospitals (No. S-11011/1/2000-CGHS dt: 10/4/2001)Read more

6)Fixation of Ceiling Limit for nebulizer to be reimbursed under CGHS and CS(MA) Rulesclick here to view  

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