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One time absorption from PA to PA(CO/RO) case of AP CIRCLE

No. 4-1/2017                                                                                                Dated: 03-08-2017
The Secretary
Department of posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi-110001

Sub: One Time Absorption from PA to PA (CO/RO) cadre – case of AP Circle.

Ref: My union letter No. even No. dated 9-6-2017

This is regarding one time absorption from PA to PA CCO) (RO) in respect of AP Circle as a Special case due to bi-frication of combined AP  & Telangana Circle.

Consequent on bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh State into two states, Andhra Pradesh Postal Circle has also been bifurcated into two Postal Circles, namely, Andhra Pradesh & Telangana w.e.f. 01.07.2016 vide Directorate Lr. No. 38-3/2014-PE-II dated 01.07.2016. As per the bifurcation formula / agreement, Circle Office has been divided and 48 PA (CO/RO) posts were transferred to AP Circle Office, Vijayawada, which includes about 11 vacant posts and 37 PA (CO/RO) officials.

(1)           As most of the officials have expressed unwillingness to come & join at AP Circle Office, Vijayawada, some of the senior officials were adjusted against the existing vacant posts at CO, Hyderabad and finally around 21 PA (CO/RO) officials joined at Vijayawada during Feb-2017. Under these circumstances, there are about 13 vacant posts in CO, Vijayawada and another 17 vacant posts at RO, Vijayawada / Kurnool / Visakhapatnam Regions in PA (CO/RO) cadre as on date.

(2)           In view of the above vacancy position, several PAs have applied for absorption from PA to PA (CO/RO) cadre as one time measure as was given in several previous occasions. The last / recent one time absorption was granted vide Directorates orders in Lrs. No. (i) 141/32/2006-SPB-II dated 23.06.2006 and (ii) 141-31/2010-SPB-II dated 15.12.2011 in the combined AP Circle.

(3)           Further, it has been decided by the Directorates vide Lr. No. 141-66/93-SPB-II dated 24.04.1997that the existing PAs/SAs of Operative Offices working in Circle Offices / Regional Offices, may be permitted to be absorbed as PA (Circle Offices) as on one time measure.’

(4)           Accordingly, all the requests were examined at RO/CO level and the cases / requests of the officials who are working / have worked at least for a period of 4 years at CO/RO on deputation basis were considered and recommended for one time absorption from PA to PA (CO/RO) cadre in the available vacancies.

(5)           The then Chief Postmaster General, A P Circle, Vijayawada had recommended 26 cases (13 cases each from Vijayawada and Kurnool Regions) for one time absorption to PACO cadre vide Lr. No. ST/Absorption/ 2016 dated 19.01.2017. Subsequently another 9 cases from Visakhapatnam Region were also recommended. Later, the present Chief Postmaster General, A P Circle, Vijayawada also recommended one case of Smt. Gnaneswari, PA, Telangana Circle for one time absorption to PACO cadre, in AP Circle vide Lr. No. ST / Absorption / 2016 dated 27.02.2017.

(6)           Thus, a total of 37 cases were recommended for one time absorption from PA to PA (CO/RO) cadre. All these PAs have completed 7 to 28 of service in the Department and around 30 PAs are working in ROs on deputation basis as on date since 6 to 16 years with dedication, sincerity and utmost satisfaction of superior authorities. 

(7)           Subsequently, Directorate while examining the above matter has called for certain information relating to vacancy position and also for specific recommendations of the Chief PMG, restricting the cases / recommendations to the extent of actual number of vacancies available as on that date for considering the matter. But, the required information was not furnished to Directorate despite several communications. Instead, some views / remarks (against the proposal of one time absorption from PA to PACO cadre) of the Chief PMG were sent to Directorate during April-2017. 

(8)           Finally, the competent authority, i.e., Secretary (Posts) has considered the matter and accorded necessary orders / approval vide Lr. No. 22-194/2016-SPB-II dated 28.04.2017.

(9)           It is learnt that similar orders granting one time absorption from PA to PA (CO/RO) cadre were issued to Telangana / Maharashtra and some other Postal Circles and the said orders were implemented. But, unfortunately, the said orders are not implemented in AP Circle where there is much need / requirement than in other Circles as only skeleton staff were allotted & joined from CO, Hyderabad.

(10)         But, in respect of AP Circle, the Chief PMG, has referred the matter to Directorate for reconsideration of entire issue stating that Service Unions are opposing & the matter of deputations to CO/RO is under review etc. This is not true as no Service Union has opposed this.

(11)         Now, Directorate vide Lr. No. 22-194/2016-SPB-II dated 03.07.2017 has withdrawn the earlier approval / orders issued vide letter dated 28.04.2017.    

(12)         All the PAs whose cases were recommended & approved for one time absorption have been working in ROs for nearly 6-16 years. After bifurcation of AP Postal Circle into AP & Telangana Circles, and after reducing the notified vacancies, there are sufficient number of vacancies available in PA (CO) cadre in AP Circle Office / Regional Offices to implement the measure / approval of one time absorption issued by Directorate on 28.04.2017.  mentioned Directorate’s orders.

(13)         Further implementation of one time absorption will have several advantages as under:
(a)   After one time absorption, regular vacancies will arise in Divisions thereby the said vacancies can be notified and recruitment can be made to improve the staff strength.
(b)   Pending Rule-38 transfers can be considered in the resulting vacancies which will be helpful to several PAs (particularly i/r/o spouse cases pending since long for want of vacancies.
(c)   One time option provided to Divisional Cadre Officials (i.e., PA cadre from AP to Telangana and vice versa) due to bifurcation of State can also be considered in the resultant vacancies.
(d)   Thus, one time absorption from PA to PA (CO/RO) cadre will have multiple benefits to staff working in PA cadre in Divisions, besides improving the staff strength in Divisions.
(e)   With the absorption of PAs working in the Department, having experience in administrative matters / RO, the quality of work in administrative Offices like CO/RO will definitely improve and streamline functioning of newly established Circle Office at Vijayawada as most of the PA (CO/RO) allotted from CO, Hyderabad to CO, Vijayawada are not having sufficient experience and they are having just 2 to 5 years of service.
(f)    Instead of going for Direct Recruitment through Staff Selection Commission to fill up the existing vacancies, it is just and proper to give an opportunity to the PAs/SAs of the same Department who are already working in RO/CO on deputation basis as a onetime measure for absorption to PA CO/RO cadre. On joining of experienced staff by way of onetime absorption, the quality of work and functioning of newly formed CO, Vijayawada / ROs of AP Circle will be definitely much better than now.   
(g)   Further, no financial implication is involved in implementation of this measure.    

(14)         There is no change in recruitment rules as well as policy / guidelines of the Department in the matter of one time absorption from PA cadre to PA (CO/RO) cadre since the initial approval granted on 28.04.2017 to till cancellation of the said order on 03.07.2017.    onsequent on bifurcation of AP Postal Circle into two Circles, Telangana and AP, there are several vacancies in PA (CO/RO) cadre in Circle Office, Vijayawada as well as in Regional Offices, Vijayawada / Kurnool / Visakhapatnam as most of the staff from Circle Office, Hyderabad, Telanmgana State are reluctant to come to Vijayawada.

(i)           The Postal Assistants / Sorting Assistants who are already working at Regional Offices since 10 to 15 years on deputation basis have applied for one time absorption from PA/SA cadre to PA (CO/RO) cadre as was given in several previous occasions.

(ii)          As per  Directorate Lr. No. 141-66/93-SPB-II dated 24.04.1997, the existing PAs/SAs of Operative Offices working in Circle Offices / Regional Offices, may be permitted to be absorbed as PA (Circle Offices) as on one time measure.’  Accordingly, the Head of the Circle taking into the criteria of seniority and administrative experience of the officials, has   recommended 37 cases against the available vacancies for one time absorption from PA to PA (CO/RO) cadre and thereafter, the competent authority, i.e., Secretary (Posts) has given approval “in principle” for the said proposal vide Order No. 22-194/2016-SPB-II dated 28.04.2017.

(iii)         Similar orders were issued to several other Postal Circles, namely Telangana / Maharashtra / Chattisgarh etc., along with AP Circle. All other Circles have implemented the said orders, except, AP Circle.

(iv)        It is learnt that the CPMG, AP Circle has given some adverse report to Directorate on the above subject, thereby the Directorate has withdrawn the earlier orders / approval issued on 28.04.2017, vide Memo dated 03.07.2017, causing great injustice to the 37 officials whose cases were already approved by the competent authority.

(v)         Further, no financial implication is involved in this case, as both PA and PA (CO/RO) are having same Scale of Pay and Recruitment Rules are also one and the same. This is just transfer of officials from one Unit to other Unit of the same department under the provisions of Rule-38 of Postal Manual Volume-IV. After one time absorption of PAs/SAs to PA (CO/RO) cadre, the resultant vacancies in PA/SA cadre will be filled in under Direct Recruitment through Staff Selection Commission which is a regular process. 

(vi)        Also all the PA (CO/RO) who came from Telangana Circle are junior most officials having less than 5 years service. One time absorption of PAs to PA (CO/RO) cadre who are having 8 to 28 years of service and having good working knowledge / experience in administrative Offices like RO/CO will be an added advantage in the functioning of newly established AP Postal Circle Office, Vijayawada.

(vii)       Though the cause of applying for one time absorption from different parts of the country as cited above at Point No.(iv) is one and the same, the same is much needed for residual Andhra Pradesh Circle in view of the skeleton staff allotted.  Unfortunately, orders dtd. 28.4.2017 for one time absorption issued by Directorate are implemented in all other Circles except A.P.Circle.    

In view of above facts my union request for immediate intervention in the matter and may issue  favorable orders in the light of natural justice

Yours Sincerely,

(D Kishan Rao)

General Secretary

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