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NAPE Group-c proposals on Cadre Restructuring submitted to Review committee on 2.8.2017

No: 4                                                                                                                dated 02.08.2017
Sri Charles Lobe,
CPMG Karnataka Circle &
Cadre restructuring review Committee,
@ New Delhi – 110001.

Sub:- Cadre restructuring of Postal Group-C employees -  reg.
Ref:- Directorate letter No:25-04/2012-PE-I dated 24.07.2017


We here with put for the following suggestions and appeal base upon the feedback received from the our rank and file on the subject before the Committee headed by your Erudite-self.
A stand and uniform procedure should be ensured throughout Country   in identifying the post  LSG/HSG-ii/HSG-I and HSG-I (NFG).
            In fact identification of LSG post in excess of the  DOPT orders on Cadre restructuring can’t be as per the Head of the Circle option taken in random to suit the demand of the local need . This will result in disparity from one Circle to another.
            In fact the identification of LSG post in excess of the B class and C class office in violation of DOPT instructions has created a lot of confusion in Tamilnadu Circle. To sight one example the tenure post of Treasurers has been identified as LSG posts resulting imbalance of normal tenure period for any post i.e 4 years. Further such identification will shrink the PA posts- feeder cadre and thereby necessitating the head of the division to make his own arrangement to meet the clerical shortage.  In fact in Tamilnadu Circle some of the Head of the Divisions have posted back the promote LSG officials back to clerical cadre on the plea of requirement of such officials for particular work.  In such violations and illegal flexibilities are bound to go endless.
            As per clarification against item 4 of DG letter dated 11.11.2016 the LSG Accountants (APM) posts are to be treated on par with General line Posts. Accordingly all the LSG Accountant Posts are to be upgraded to HSG-II and this is not done in the Circles which have started implementing the CR like in Tamilnadu. If the APM Accounts LSG are upgraded to HSG-II the PO&RMS Accountants who are the feeder cadre for the Supervisory post of Accounts should be upgraded as LSG post. More so, the PO&RMS Accountants are of more in Supervisory character than mere Treasurers/PAs in DO, CPC and in HOs. 
            The cadre restructure now ordered are giving promotion with no financial benefit to LSG/HSG-II/HSG-I because they already drawing equal or more pay of the promotion post under the ambit of MACP scheme hence it is more significant that the promotion now offered should carry a monitory benefit the promoted officials. This can be done only by identifying upgraded post as Post involves in higher responsibility as per the DOPT orders OM No:169/2/2000-IC dated 24.11.2000.
            NFG promotion should be extended to all HSG-I officials who completed 2 years of service without restricting them in allocation. More over the post for NFG purpose should not be identified specifically warranting the eligible officials to occupying the post on dislocation. And, on other hand on par with the same procedure followed in respect of Group-B officers in 6th CPC. The incumbents are given NFG on completion of eligible service in the same post.
            On no account and just because the Cadre restructuring process is miss handled by any circle, the scheme should not put on abeyance for the rest of the circles defeating the objectivity of the Cadre restructuring. The scheme is meant for implementation after thorough deliberations and analysis among stake holders with the approval of the DOPT and Finance Ministry to improve the avenue of the promotion for the Group-c cadre. However the scheme can be rectified on the basis of the feedback from the Circles, where the implementation is in half the way.
            In order to implement the Cadre Restructuring without causing injury to the seniors it is hereby suggested that existing staff as on 1.1.2016 be given one time option to choose either up gradation or Promotion for the betterment of the cadre. In case of the officials only opting the Up gradation they can be exempted for promotions without invoking different of MACP.  This will actually resulting the direct application of CR to the officials who are drawing lesser pay than the promotional post.
            The delay in  filling up of HSG-II  and HSG-I posts for want of officials with eligible service, a onetime relaxation for the minimum eligible service may contemplated taking the precedents in a similar situation during 2004 to 2006 and on par with same analogy adopted in case of Postmaster Grade recent past.  
            The concept of making LSG as a Divisional Cadre will render us to land all the hardships what we have faced from 1983 to 2001. Merely, because of imbalance among LSG seniority at the time HSG-II promotion a lot of anomalies and disparity arose leading to a massive grievances among the staff. The same situation will repeat now also and an official who gets earlier promotion even though he is a junior in Circle CGL, will become senior for the purpose of getting HSG-II promotion hence after protracted discussions the LSG was made a Circle cadre and the officials uniformly benefited irrespective of their seniority in the division in the division and their switching over the divisions. Now the Department can either change the cadre or the identified posts, which will open a Pandora box. The Unions consciously signed agreement for making LSG as Circle Cadre and Cadre restructuring and it is not possible to take back.
            My union therefore requests to implement the cadre restructuring with modifications suggested as above without further delay.
                                                                                                                        Yours Sincerely,


Copy to All Members 

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