Friday, August 4, 2017

Letter on continuation of PO&RMS Accountant Special Allowance

No. 1-1/2017                                                                                                                             Dated: 03-08-2017
The Secretary
Department of posts
Dak Bhawan
New Delhi-110001
Sub:  Request to continue  the Special Allowance to PO&RMS Accountants wef 1-7-2017 itself.
                We are organized to realize the facts of discontinuance of Special allowance to PO&RMS accountants w.e.f 1.7.2017 as per the implementation order of MOF. We submit here with the following reasons as to why the allowances to PO&RMS Accountants should be continued on duly taking up the matter with MOF availing the chance given to do so by the said OM.
                The PO&RMS Accountant are on qualifying in examination were empanelled as separate entity and promoted as LSG accountants as per the year of passing.  They were placed in the scale of 360-640, above the PA and below the LSG’s up to 1992. They were not given the TBOP which was implemented from 1993 for the only reason that they were not borne on PA Gradation general line list. Subsequently when they were doomed to loose the BCR, also the PO&RMS Accountant were given an opportunity to switch over to general line forfeiting the scale 360-640 by giving an onetime option/life time option. But owing to the fact of their qualification in the prescribed examination and a need for to work in Supervisory nature of duties like fixation of Pay, Posting of Service books etc.. the PO&RMS Accountant were given a special pay Rs.90/-.
                However as this Special pay were to be taken for fixation of pay while they were granted TBOP/BCR as per various court orders the special pay was doubled as special allowance during 5th CPC contemplation and came effective from 1.4.1998. This special allowance which was granted in lieu of forfeiting a higher scale was continue to be given and now earmark for abolition.
                We are with firm belief that the allowance if discontinued is nothing but denial of natural justice that has been accorded to them in the past on the basis of valid and bonafied reasons. Hence we request you to  not to kindly discard the sprit which the special allowance was allowed and to take up the matter with MOF in order to ensure the continuance of the same.
Yours Sincerely,

(D Kishan Rao)
          General Secretary

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