Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Gist on review meeting (2.8.2017) on Cadre Restructuring of Postal Group-c

The first review meeting on Cadre Restructuring was held on 2.08.2017 Directorate  under the Chairmanship of Sri Charles Lobo, CPMG, Karnataka Circle with all Federations. On behalf of FNPO Sri D.Kishanrao, General Secretary NAPE Group-c, Sri R.Saravanan and Sri Vasireddy Sivaji, Asst. Genel. Secretaries are participated and deliberated with valid points for the betterment of the Cadre Restructuring without keeping it on hold.  Gist from outcome of the meeting is as follows.
1.     As per Cadre  restructuring orders dated 23.5.2016 total  26494 posts have been identified as LSG based on Sanctioned strength of PA cadre.
2.     Actually there are 18610 class ‘C’ and ‘B’ post offices at present and resulted 7884 posts were found as excess and allotted to Circles.
3.     To ensure equal distribution of posts among circles that are going to be identified over and above the C and B class offices in proportion to respective PA strength.
4.     The Circles which are allotted lesser number of posts than the extent of B and C class offices will be made good by diverting the posts from the Circles where surplus posts are available.
5.     Revised list of allocation of posts Circle will issued in super session of the previous orders dated 23.5.2016
6.     Identification of all B and C class offices as LSG is mandatory. If any surplus allocation is it will be identified among the PA posts in the following order preference in the pre cadre restructuring status.
a)     3 PA posts will be upgraded to LSG in each Gazetted HOs
b)    2 PA posts will be upgraded to LSG in  each  HSG-I and PM Grade III HOs
c)     1 PA post will be upgraded to LSG in each  HSG-ii and Grade II HOs.
d)    1 PA post will be upgraded to LSG in PM grade iii, HSG-I, MDG SOs
e)     1 PA post will be upgraded to LSG in PM grade ii and HSG-II SOs
f)      In-charge of PLI CPC  ( One)
g)     Accountant in Divisional office/PSDs
h)    Accountant post in Head Post Offices
7.     In respect of circles, where implementation is CR partially completed  the post which are  identified other than the above post will be de-identified after the present incumbent vacates(a request has been made to the committee for considering the request) .
8.     The promotion of LSG is in Circle Level on the basis of CGL and allocation will be done to RO which in turn will allot the officials to the Divisional Heads concerned for posting.
10.            One time relaxation of the recruitment rule for reducing the minimum qualifying service to HSG-I and HSG-II post from the feeder cadre will be taken up with the DOPT immediately.
11.            The LRPA strength will be computed based on the strength of PA and LSG posts to meet the leave arrangements in LSG level also.
NFG will b given to the seniomost HSG I officials  to the extent of allocation   on identying the same post they are working at the time becoming eligible. In otherwords the HSG I officials will get NFG without suffering dislocation..

New Delhi                                                                                   D.KISHANRAO
02.08.2017                                                                    General Secretary, NAPE Gr C 

                                                                                      Deputy Secretary General, FNPO

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