Sunday, June 18, 2017

Cadre restructuring update

Date : 18.6.2017

Cadre restructuring update 

Our union opposed the divisionalisation  of LSG proposal given by NFPE. we are still on that demand. In Tamilnadu instead of up gradation of C and B class offices  PA posts were  upgraded in contravention  of DOPT and DG orders. Our union opposed this TN circle orders and given letter to secretary.  We never asked total Abeyance.But the  GS AIPEU misleading the issue .This is to keep the records straight. 

D.Kishanrao, GS
NAPE Group'C'.

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Sukhendu Ghosh said...

Every body knows that continuous fight of 5 years by FNPO & NFPE the Department released order of Cadre restructuring . Recently , NFPE demanded kept in abeyance for implementation of Cadre Restructuring . They wrote for System administrator, Business Executive as LSG. Practically no such post in DOP. There is no utility of System Admin after introduction of CSI. More than 450 business offices has been closed by Department for failing business target within past 3 year. Future of Business Executive Post is also not assured post.
Actually some aged people of both Union is just taking working support by giving their password to SA. Some VRS also safeguarded by SA from the time Sanchaya Post. LSG can be Treasurer vide [DG Posts No. 6-3/91- PAP dated 23 -10- 1992] and MemoNo. 3-2/85- SPB-II dated 14-12- 1988. It is known that Treasury allowances will be abolished after allowance committee report. Please take necessary action sothat cadre review be implemented first and modification may be done after implementation. Cadre Restructuring done after 30 year in Postal Assistant System . LSG not given after working 35 years also in West Bengal. I worked as so-called System Admin for the last 15 years since VSAT MO in my 22 years service life. I want to relieve from System Admin by taking LSG . There is a chance to sit in PSS Group B examination. If possible , please fight for increase quota percent for general line official in PSS Gr B. Actually NFPE opposing because their internal difference of views between Past Leader with Present Leadership.