Thursday, May 26, 2016


Today the General Secretary along with S/S Rajat S Das,President,CHQ B. Sivakumar,AGS Ch Laxminarayana President,NUGDS.CHQ,Krishnaprasad,RR,Vishakhapatnam met Sri S.K.Sinha,Secretary Department od Posts and greeted him on his assumption. Letters were submitted on the following issues  and discussed.

1. Malfunctioning  of CBS & Macmash and consequent  resent ment  among the Group C employees.
2. Foriegn Post Office Kolkata issues.
3.Point based compassionate appointment of GDS employees and implementation of the orders 
    taking  date of death  as criteria.

The delegation thereafter met Sri B.V.Sudhakar,Member (Technology) and discussed the failure of Infocys  in customizing the Finacle  software  and the issues raised by the NAPEC in previous letters.

Today  a higer level meeting was held with Infosys Technocrats  and  dead line is fixed  to rectify the soft ware by First week of June 2016.
There after a meeting was held with DDG (MB) on the Foriegn Post Office issues

General Secretary

(Central Head Quarters)
No. 17-2-17, P&T Quarters, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001


No. 1-1                                                                                                        Dated:  26-05-2016

The Secretary
Department of Posts
New Delhi-110001

Sub: Problems in the CBS & Mcamish

Ref: Union letter No. 1-1 dated 26-4-2016


In continuation of our previous correspondence we further supplement the following for your kind attention and necessary action.

1.     Frequent server problem for which customers are fed up with Postal services inturn the officials including Postmasters at the front line are being victimized.
2.     CTS clearing at HOs has become more burden on the officials and officials at HO/GPO are finding it very difficult to clear the cheques within the prescribed time limit as most of the time the server will be down.
3.     CTS clearing on holidays at GPO/HOs seems to be useless as the officials will not be allowed to do any transactions but will be honoring the cheques just by viewing the balance and actual withdrawal will be shown and accounted on the next working day which seems to be at higher risk as other channels are kept open on holidays and Sundays.
4.     On decentralization of PLI/RPLI the workload on Postmasters working at HOs has become hectic where there is no DPM post for treasury/ delivery/subaccounts.
5.     Though some of the officers are merged office SOL is exiting and one of the official is provided use rid for the merged office and the officials acting as PA and supervisor which is highly irregular inspite of asking for merger of SOL the solution is not provided.

6.     With reference to the order NO FNo.25-11/2016-SB dtd at DAK BHAWAN the 10/11/05/2016 where in more pressure and burden is put on Postmasters/Supervisors of the HOs.The following clarifications are needed with reference to the said order.
a)On what authentication the Postmasters of the HOs should upload the DBT as in many circles the Emos(SSY)  are directly fetched from Postman package with the local software namely Anand tool and linked to finacle where it will be automatically shown as window delivery in postman package and directly reflected in treasury package and will be uploaded to finacle .Now many of the SPMs in the delivery post offices are directly sending email to the concerned HOs and asking for upload of the e-mos by attaching the file for upload.
b) If there is any discrepancies in the amount and account number who is responsible?
   And how to check the same and on what authentication it should be uploaded.
c) Under each HO more than twelve delivery offices will be there and not less than 200000 e-mos will be there for uploading .This is an extra burden on Postmasters working at HO and in future no official may be willing to work under HOs.
            We once again request to kindly initiate necessary action immediately.
Yours Sincerely,

 (D Kishan Rao)
   General Secretary

(Central Head Quarters)
No. 17-2-17, P&T Quarters, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001


Sri Ravi Shankar Prasad
Honorable Minister of Communication & IT
Govt. of India,
New Delhi-110001

Honorable Sir,

Sub: Malfunctioning of CBS Vs detoriating service to the public in Banking and Insurance in the Department of Post – Request for immediate intervention.

My union which is representing the staffs who are shouldering the responsibility of manning the CBS and Insurance in Post Offices, compelled to bring the following for your kind intervention.

2.         The IT modernization project was introduced in the Department two years back and nearly 20500 offices so far brought under CBS operation. But the innovation does not lead to technological improvisation ensuring the best possible service to the customers. But, instead, had rendered our staff with an unsavory and humiliating experience of encountering the public wrath and curse on day today basis. The Business in both the sectors rapidly coming down.

3.         We expected a rapid change in the Department with the new technology and the initiatives taken by the Honorable Minister to take the service finally to the Post Bank of India in 2017. But the hope is slowly shattering and the staffs are working upto midnight to make the project a success.

4.         All the assurances the administration, had given in the past and the transient nature of the problems had not proved to be credible and  worthy merit. Instead the problems are aggravating day by day making every one skeptic of the words from the authorities that be.

5.         The problem so far identified is the server capacity which is not enough compared to the no. of transactions, bandwidth and old computers and peripherals which has to be replaced. The Department issued orders to upgrade, but due to financial hurdles nothing has been done. As announced by the Honorable Minister the linking the BOS through RICT will further worsen the situation.

6.         My union has fully cooperated and made so many suggestions to improve the situation and staff at the field level are frustrated with the continued malfunctioning of the technology. The staffs are doubtful how about the future and next stage of technology. Further there are frauds due to mishandling recently which are a tip in the iceberg. The management never felt any responsibility and innocent people are becoming the scapegoats.

7.         There is no training/proper training and the staff are forced to handle the technology straightaway without any training.

8.         My union therefore requests the Honorable minister to initiate necessary urgent action to develop the services to the satisfaction of customers and save the officials from public wrath.

Yours Sincerely,

 (D Kishan Rao)
   General Secretary