Wednesday, May 4, 2016

1)Secretary, JCM National Council Staff Side writes to Cabinet Secretary on 7th CPC
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3)Directorate issued one time relaxation of qualifying service for filling up of vacancies of cadre of PM Gr.II and Gr. IIIClickhere to  view details.
(Central Head Quarters)
No. 17-2-17, P&T Quarters, Atul Grove Road, New Delhi-110001
No. 1-1                                                                                                           Date:  26 -04-2016


Secretary (Post)
Department of Post,
New Delhi 110001.

                      Sub:-- Point based system for assessing indigence in respect of GDS Staff

                You are aware that the existing point based  system for assessing indigence in respect of  GDS staff has been review and revised. The undersigned is a party of this decision. During the course of discussion, it was agreed to that the merit points be reduced from 51 to 36 points and the revised provisions will be given effect to,  taking the date of death as cut off date. In other words the revised provisions would be applicable to past cases also. Accordingly orders have been issued through Directorate letter No. 17-17/2010-GDS Dt. 17-12-2015.
                 It has been brought to the notice of this Union that some circles are not following the above  orders and rejecting the requests made by some GDS staff for review, whose cases have been rejected on the plea that they did not get 51 points. The CPMG AP Circle Hyderabad went a step further and issued orders through his letter No. RE/CA/GDS/Misc/2015-16 Dt. 15-03-2016 reproduced below.(copy enclosed)
           The chief PMG has no power to modify or supercede the orders issued by the Directorate without the approval of DG(P).  By issuing such order the chief PMG partially nullified the scheme depriving the dependents of many deceased GDS staff to get Compassionate appointment even though they obtained adequate points, say 36 to 50 points. The orders of the chief PMG AP Circle Hyderabad shattered the hopes of many families of deceased GDS employees, who are in dire distress and badly, in need of financial assistance His order have to be modified immediately.

                 According to revised orders Compassionate appointment has to be provided to the dependents of deceased GDS staff if they obtain 36 points. As the date of death is the criteria these orders are also applicable to those who secured more than 36 points and less than 51 points and whose cases have been rejected . All such cases have to be reviewed in the light of the revised orders  and considered for Compassionate appointments suo motu.
                   May I therefore, request you to be kind enough to suspend the operation of the irregular orders issued by the chief PMG AP Circle Hyderabad and cause to issue suitable instructions to all the circles to implement the orders of the Postal Directorate. Further instructions may also be issued to review and  consider  past cases also taking the date of death as  criteria, as per the revised orders.
                     I shall be thankful, if the instructions issued are endorsed to this Union.

                                                                                                Yours Sincerely,
 (D Kishan Rao)
   General Secretary