Thursday, December 10, 2015

  SGFNPO along with GS NAPE-C meet Member (P),Member (Tech),DDG(vig)& DR MV. 
Outcome of the meeting: 
1)PA/SA cadre restructuring is under consideration of DOP&T . Department of Personal called some information from the Department of Posts in turn Directorate send all the details sought by DOP&T 2days before. 
2)MMS cadre restructuring proposal divided as 2parts. 
Approval required from DOP&T 2.Approval required from Postal board both are under processing. 
3)Flood advance for Tamilnadu&Puduchery : Instructions has been issued to CPMG Tamilnadu Circle to grant Flood advance to the affected staff of Tamilnadu&Puduchery. 
4)CBS GO LIVE: Member (Tech) assured that instruction will be issued to Tamilnadu Circle that CBS go live will be stopped for time being in flood affected areas.
Click the below link to view Joint memorandum. Clickhere to see details.