Friday, August 7, 2015

Membership Verification
NAPEGC salutes all Divisional secretaries of our unions for their tireless work in the last 3 months for securing membership forms from our members defeating sister unions propaganda  The Divisional Secretaries should ensure watching the lists displayed in the notice boards and also attend for scrutiny with the divisional superintendent and raise objection if any about the fake declarations. The Department in the letter dated 5-8-2015 (see website) constituted a forum with DPS (HQ) as chairman and APMG and AD as Members. The last date for submission of complaints to the forum is extended up to 21-08-2015. If there is any serious violation, fake declarations are submitted, obtained by force, make a complaint to the above forum. CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN TO ENSURE THAT THE WORKING STRENGTH OF THE STAFF IS TAKEN CORRECTLY, NOT THE SANCTIONED STRENGTH OF THE DIVISION/UNIT .TAKING DECLARATION FROM THE OFFICIALS ON DEPUTATION IS ALSO TO BE WATCHED AS THEY HAVE TO SUBMIT THE DECLARATIONS IN THEIR ORIGINAL UNIT OR DIVISION
1) My appeal to Circle secretaries is now Collect the following information Division wise, compile and send a report to the CHQ
a) Sanctioned strength,
b) Working strength, (This is most important for our unions.)
 c) Our membership
d) Sister union membership.

2) Match the Circle office statement with your information, any discrepancy Please point out to the DPS HQ in writing for taking up the cases with Directorate. Let us prove our strength