Monday, August 31, 2015

Seventh Pay Commission may recommend permanent pay panel

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Extension(4 months) of the term of the 7th Central Pay Commission-Union Cabinet.

The Union Cabinet chaired by the Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today gave its approval for the extension of the the term of the 7th Central Pay Commission  by four months up to 31.12.2015.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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·         D.G. Posts No. 10-7/2001-PE-II dated 14th August, 2015.

 I am directed to refer to Directorate letters of even number dated 04.09.2002, 20.01.2003 and 24.11.2010 on the above mentioned subject.

2.           The Department has revived a number of references from the staff Associations requesting for upward revision of Fixed Monetary Compensation (FMC) admissible to Postman Staff. A Committee of Senior Officers  was constituted for looking into the issue and the  report of the Committee has been examined  carefully in consultation with Integrated  Finance  Wing  and the Competent Authority has ordered enhancement of the  Fixed Monetary  Compensation (FMC) admissible  to Postmen staff. The details are as under:

S.L. No.
Existing Rate
Revised Rate
When one Postman performs duty of an absentee Postman by combination of duties.
Rs.50 per day
Rs. 94 per day
When two Postmen perform duty of an absentee Postman by sharing the beat.
Rs.24 per day
Rs.47 per  day

3.           The Competent  Authority  has also ordered fixation / revision of Holiday/Sunday Monetary  Compensation payable to Postmen  Staff and other  Departmental Staff brought on duty on 2nd consecutive Holiday if three consecutive  holidays occur or duty performed on Sunday as shown under:

Existing Rate
Postmen/Sorting Postmen
When duty performed on Holiday/Sunday
Rs.282/- per day for full day duty.
When duty performed on Holiday/Sunday
Rs.29/-per hour, subject to maximum of 3 hours
If duty performed above 3 hours, the employee is eligible to claim for 3 hours pay only.
Postal Assistant
When duty performed on Holiday/Sunday
Rs.41/-per hour, subject to maximum of 3 hours
When duty performed on Holiday/Sunday
Rs.47/-per hour, subject to maximum of 3 hours

4.           All other conditions for payment of Fixed Monetary Compensation (FMC) issued vide OM No. 10-23/87-PE-I dated 21.12.1993 and delivery of Unregistered letters on Holidays issued  under 9-25/92-C1 dated 10.09.92 will remain unchanged.

 5.          The expenditure on account of revision has to be met from the allocated funds of the units under the prescribed Head of Account.

  6.         These orders will take effect from the date of issue.

7.           This issues in consultation with the Integrated Finance Wing vide their diary number 118/FA/2015/CS dated 14.08.2015.

Assistant Director General (Estt.)

Monday, August 24, 2015


Our Federation decided to participate in the 2ndSeptember strike called by National trade Union centres against the anti labour policies of the Central Government. We have taken this decision last minute based on the feedback and advice received from the various levels.
 The staff side of National JCM already announced strike in November 2015. The policies of the Government and there is no progress on the demands during the negotiations led to the strike decision. All the trade unions participating in the strike including the BMS affiliates.
  Even after 65 years of formation of Indian Republic the ILO basic conventions No 87 & 98 were not ratified by India which is said to be a democratic Union and member country of the ILO from the day of its formation. The ID Act 1947 is protecting the working class for all the years. Since there is no statutory protection, the   laws were amended to help the corporate sectors and SEZs. Disinvestment of Central /State PSUs and FDIs in Railways and defence shocked the working Class about the future. There is no guarantee for the minimum wage and social security for the working population. Employment in the Govt.secter is degenerating replaced by the outsourcing and contracterisation. The Agriculture sector is facing uncertainity.
  In the Government sector the Department of Posts having 3 lakhs GDS employees and their suffering is the same as out sourced contract employees. In the present scenario they are performing the duties of  regular employees and the Govt is harping on the illegality that they cannot be paid more than 5 hours.The Postal JCA served strike notice for inclusion of GDS employees in the purview of 7th CPC.But it was rejected on the technical grounds and the Department is proposing the officers committee. We have seen the results of the recommendations of these committees headed by the officers which never clinched the basic structure of these GDS employees.
  The cadre restructuring in the Department, though agreements were signed,long ago the recommendations did not see the light in the nodal ministries. The CPC submitting its report. Many issues whre there are agreements in the Department council nothing is implemented.
 The employees are frustrated at all levels. Under these circumstances we have to join the struggle and show our strong resentment over the   Anti employees policies of the Government. Let us make the strike a grand success.

Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(F.S. Section)
                                                                        Dak  Bhawan, New Delhi
                                                            Dated: 30.06.2015
            Shri R.N. Parashar
            Secretary General
            National Federation of Postal Employees (NFPE)
            1st Floor, North Avenue Post Office Building
            New Delhi-110 001

            Shri D. Theagarajan
            Secretary General
            Federation of National Postal Organization (FNPO)

Sub: Initiatives to be undertaken for promotion OF POSB schemes-reg.

D.G. Posts letter No. F.No. 63-01/2015-SB dated 30.06.2015.

            The undersigned has been directed to forward herewith a copy of letter No. F. No.63-01/2015-SB dated 30.06.2015 on the subject cited above.

2.         It is, therefore, requested to disseminate the contents of the aforesaid letter through your newsletters/magazines among all the members for taking active participation in the initiatives to be undertaken for promotion of POSB Schemes and fulfillment of mandate of financial Inclusion in rural India.
L.K. Sinha
Government of India
Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(F.S. Section)
                                                                                                Dak  Bhawan, New Delhi
                                                                                    Dated: 30.06.2015
            All Heads of Circles,

Sub:    Initiatives to be undertaken for promotion OF POSB schemes-reg.

            This is regarding promotion of Post Office Savings Schemes to meet the financial inclusion mandate in the rural areas. There are some initiatives which may promot the opening of POSB accounts. Some of the steps to be taken are suggested as blow:

i.          PO staff salary and wages accounts can be opened in the Post Offices with cheque facilities. The PO staff can continue to keep their bank accounts and enjoy loan and card facilities by simply issuing the POSB cheque towards their bank accounts and transfer whatever amount and may carry on banking activities.
ii.         All staff (Departmental, GDS/contingency paid and outsiders) may be paid salary and wages through POSB accounts.
iii.        POSB accounts may be opened in the name of social security beneficiaries (OAP) for crediting the social security benefits into their respective accounts. (SOP enclosed).
iv.        POSB accounts may be opened in the  name of Landlords who have  given  their building on rent to the Post Offices, for crediting the monthly rent to be paid to them.
v.         POSB accounts may be opened to all the pensioners who are getting pension from the Post Offices for crediting their monthly pension in their respective accounts.
vi.        Maturity payments to RD, TD,PPF,PLI,RPLI etc. may be paid  through POSB accounts. Postmasters may be instructed to persuade the customers to take payment through POSB accounts.
vii.       Delivery staff may be motivated to carry SB-3 application forms and receipt book so that they may bring in at  least one account per day.
viii.      A few GDS may be appointed exclusively to work as pygmy collectors from 5 PM to 9 PM in the whole  sale or retails  market area collecting daily cash from small vendors (Vegetable vendors,Hawkers, Petty shops/stores etc). SOP is enclosed with a certain arrangements of solidity and amenability to monitoring.
ix.        Deceased claim cases settlement and payments may be routed through POSB accounts, Beside this all  discharge payment of certificates can also be routed through POSB and no coercion shall be used.
x.         Opening of POSB accounts by the proponents of PLI/RPLI and Identification of POSB promoters in each Division to exclusively promote POSVB Schemes.
xi.        Under the Member of Parliament  village adoption programme, the entire village may be got covered-“Samporna Bachat/Bima/Sukanya Scheme “ with necessary support from the concerned Hon`oble Member of Parliament.
xii.       Advance SMS may be sent in case of maturity instrument and request be made to the customer to open SB account.
xiii.      Reinvestment by the existing customers may also be ensured.
xiv.      The SB account can be opened in CBS Post Office without taking KYC documents  again, if the earlier investment /account  opening has been done  after obtaining KYC documents. It will get linked to CIF, SB Account can be opened at the time of maturity of any instrument/investment also, if before maturity, KYC documents are to be collected, wherever applicable. A single AOF form will have to be filled.
xv.       As per prevailing banking practice, having SB account  has many benefits. Internet Banking, Debit card etc. facilities will also become available in all CBS Account for easy fund transfer to/from other accounts/instruments, held by him.
These issues with the approval of Member (Banking & HRD)
                                                                                                 (Sachin Kishore)

                                                                                                    Director (FS)

Saturday, August 22, 2015

2nd September 2015 Strike.

Our Federation decided to participate in the 2ndSeptember strike called by National trade Union centres against the anti labour policy of the Central Government. We have taken this decision last minute based on the feedback and advice received from the various levels.  In the recent verification process, the sister federations and their affiliated unions caused damage to our membership by using all sorts of unfair means. They may say there is no rules and regulations in war (Verification of Membership) . We to agree that this war but even in a war there are codes of conduct to be observed by the both sides. But in this verification process both federations and their affiliated unions targeted only our unions. Unfortunately the Department also supported both federations and their affiliated unions by issuing favourable orders in favor of them in the verification process. This has very much affected the morale of the rank and file of our union.  The behavior and conduct shown by the rank and file of the sister federations towards our rank file spoiled the normalcy. Despite the unsavory incidents it is time for strike to protest against the wrong policy of the Government. Because our non participation should not be construed that we are supporting the anti-labour policy of the Government. We do not want to skip by branding that this a political strike, of course it is a labour oriented strike. We have therefore decided to participate strike on 2ndSeptember. Without cooperation and support of the rank file we are unable to organize the strike on 2nd September 2015 successfully.  Strike notice is posted in the FNPO website

General Secretary