Friday, August 1, 2014

Payment of Postage on Bill Mail Service (BMS) /National Bill Mail Service (NBMS) in advance i.e. at the time of posting of articles at identified offices by Government Organizations and Publlic Sector Undertakings (PSUs)


Member (O) DO No. 4/M(HRD)/2014-PO dated 21-07-2014
Subject: National cleaning drive of Post Offices
As you are aware that National Cleaning drive of Post Offices is one of the important action points identified by the prime Minister and this is being monitored at the highest level in the Government. This has been emphasized during the VC held on 10th july,2014 and Secretary Posts DO letter dated 5th June, 2014 and 25th June, 2014and vide my DO dated 10th July, 2014.
2.         Keeping Post Offices clean is not a one-time exercise and this should be an ongoing activity. In this regard, you are requested to institute an awarded every month for one post office in each Division in your Circle which keeps the office very clean, tidy and welcoming.
3.         Further, the responsibility for ma9intaining the post office clean and presentable should be with the Head of the Office and the same should be reflected in the Memo of Distribution of Work of each Post Office.
(SK Sinha)