Tuesday, June 10, 2014

DG No. 4-4/2008-PC(Corr) dated 04 June, 2014
Sub: Clarification for additional increment for the officers/officials whose date of increment falls between Feb to Jun 2006 & retired before their DNI in 2006.

            Please refer to this Directorate letter of even No. dated 20 mar 2012 in which DOPT OM BO. 10/02/201-E dated 19 mar 2012 was circulated.

2.         A doubt has been raised by the PAOs & sought clarification on the above subject if the officers/officials whose date of increment falls between Feb to Jun 2006 & retired before their DNI in 2006 are entitled for one additional increment in pre revised scale on 01-01-2006.

3.         The above issue has been examined in consultation with ministry of Finance & clarified vide UO No. 48817/E.III-A/2014 dated 21 May 2014 as under;

4.         “M/o Communications & IT is informed that this Department’s OM No. 10/02/2011-E-A dated 19-03-2012 applicable only to those employees, who were due for increment between February and June 2006. Those officials who were not in service on their due date of next increment are not eligible for one additional increment on 01-01-2006 in terms of this Department’s OM dated 19-03-2012”.

This is for information & further action.
(Surender Kumar)

Assistant General (GDS/PC)

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