Saturday, February 8, 2014

Cadre restructuring committee meeting our proposals

The cadre restructuring committee meetings were held on  04-02-14 and 05-02-14 and Department mooted the final proposals with the following proposals
The C& B class offices will be placed in the  in the LSG with Grade Pay of Rs 2800
The offices in Tripple hand and LSG will be placed in the grade pay of Rs 4200
The HSG-II Postmasters and Sub postmasters will be placed in the Grade pay of  Rs 4600
After carving out the proposal the HSG-II will be placed in the Grade pay of Rs 4800 after 4 years
based on the percentage in the postal side the same ratio and percentage will be maintained in RMS/Admn./SBCO etc. After this broadal agreement the demand of the postal class -III General
Secretaries is that the APM and APM Accountant posts are to be upgraded and the percentage should be arrived. We submitted revised proposals and the same are as under; the latter is as follows; Let us wait for final agreement.

(D Kishan Rao)
General Secretary

NEW DELHI-110001

No. JCM(DC)/Cadre review/Staff Side/2014                                           Dated: 03-02-2014


Shri VP Singh
DDG(P) & Chairman
Cadre Restructuring Committee for Group-C
Department of Posts.
Dak Bhawan, New Delhi-110001


Sub: Cadre Review of Group ‘C’ employees of Department of posts.

Kindly recall the discussions we had with you in the Cadre Restructuring Committee meeting held on 27.11.2013, 04.02.2014 and 05.02.2014.           

While appreciating the positive attitude taken on some of our proposals submitted to the Cadre Restructuring Committee, we are totally disappointed and feel let down by the way in which certain valid points raised by us has been simply brushed aside and rejected by the Administration side in a pre-decided manner, even without examine the merits or demerits of our suggestions. Outright and summary rejection seems embarrassing.

We are once again constrained to submit the following proposals and modifications for your judicious and dispassionate consideration and acceptance, with a fervent hope that the same will receive due consideration.


While upgrading the existing LSG  posts (GP 2800) to HSG-II (GP 4200) only the LSG posts of Sub Postmasters is taken into account. All the other posts in the LSG grade such as Asst. Postmasters in Head Post Offices and above, Asst. Sub Postmasters in certain major sub post offices, etc. Are avoided. This will result only in marginal increase in the number of HSG II post (GP 4200) as below:

Total number of triple handed Postmaster’s post to be upgraded
Total number of LSG posts including Asst. Postmaster Posts
Total Posts
Out of this LSG posts carved out for creation of Postmasters Grade-I to be deducted
Remaining Posts for upgradation to HSG II
Out of this LSG Asst. Postmasters and APMs posts are to be deducted
4000 (Correct figure not available with staff side, it will be more than 4000)
Net posts remaining for upgradation to HSG II (GP4200)
 Now we are having 4892 LSG Posts in General line (6989-21097 PM Cadre).. Even after upgrading “A’ class Postmasters the number of posts available for upgradation to HSG-II will be less than the number available now and employees are not going to be benefited, if only those posts are upgraded. Hence out request for upgradation of all existing LSG posts (not only Postmasters posts) to GP 4200 along with Postmaster posts of “A” Class offices. Similarly all posts in HSG-II (other than Postmaster Posts also) may be upgraded to 4600/-.


At present PO & RMS exam qualified officials are posted as Accountants. Officials working as Asst. Postmaster (Accounts) should posses Accountant qualification. There is no separate channel of promotion for qualified Accountants above the post of APM (Accounts). As per the proposal of the Administration side those Asst. postmaster posts will remain as LSG (GP 2800) only and further those PM (Accounts) posts which are now in HSG II (GP 4200) will remain as HSG-II (GP 4200) without any further upgradation. In fact there is no upgradation for Accounts line posts and the qualified officials have to move out of their Accountant/Asst.Postmaster (Accounts) posts if  they want promotional upgradation, thereby the Department will be losing the services of qualified officials to work in Accounts Branches. Nobody will be willing to work as Accountants and Asst. Postmaster (Accounts).

Hence it is once again requested to upgrade all the posts of PO & RMS Accountants to LSG (GP 2800) and LSG APM Accountants posts to HSG II (GP 4200) and at least 20% of the posts in upgraded GP 4200 may be further upgraded to HSG-I, APM Accounts (GP 4600). Thus Accountant qualified officials will have their own Chanel of promotion. Regarding promotion to GP 4200/-the conditions applicable to General line officials may be made applicable to them also.


At present norm based LSG Postmasters posts are upgraded as Postmaster Grade-I. When LSG Postmaster posts are upgraded to 4200 GP (HSG-II) the Postmaster Grade-I posts shall also be automatically upgraded to the Grade pay of 4200/-. Otherwise a glaring anomaly will arise. Their counter parts working in general line LSG post offices will be in GP 4200 where as they will remain in GP 2800. The benefit of upgradation should be made equally applicable to Postmaster Grade-I, Grade-II and Grade III officials also by suitable upgrading the posts in Postmaster Cadre.


In the JCM Departmental Council meeting held on 27.08.2010, JCM (DC) standing Committee dated 18.12.2012 and 23.08.2013 it was decided that the demand for creation of a separate cadre for system Administrators will be considered by the Cadre Restructuring Committee.

But to our dismay, surprisingly the Department informed in the JCM Departmental Council meeting held 23.08.2013 that creation of separate cadre is not feasible.

We are totally in disagreement with the above stand taken by the Department. It seems that the Department has already made up its mind not to create a separate Cadre. We are not repeating the unstinted yeomen service done by the existing System Administrators since the inception of computers in Postal Department by converting it from a wholly computer illiterate department to the present fully computerized status. We have already explained in detail all the points which justified  a better treatment for system Administrators and also for creation of a separate cadre as a promotional cadre of qualified PA/SAs. In spite of all out best efforts, it is quite unfortunate that the Department is taking a totally unreasonable  and negative attitude towards the SAs and their claim for better treatment has been mercilessly rejected.

The rule of existing System Administrators in total computerization and also in core banking Solutions must be recognized. They are very much frustrated and the discontentment is mounting  due to the continuous exploitation of these category of officials for the last more than ten years.

Notwithstanding g out claim for creation of a separate cadre of System Administrators (System Assistant) with GP 4200, we request the Administration side to consider the following proposal of the staff side:

(a)          At present there is no sanctioned posts of System Administrators and services of officials working in sanctioned posts of Postal Assistant / Sorting Assistant (PA/SA) in various offices are utilized as System Administrators, keeping the PA/SA posts already kept vacant due to deputation as System Administrators may be redeployed and converted as Posts for accommodating System Administrators (in the PA cadre itself). This is suggested as matching savings. An amount of 15% special allowance may be sanctioned to the officials who are performing the duties off System Administrators in those redeployed post.
(b)          The official working as SA may be granted eligible promotions in the general line as and when due.


Notwithstanding our demand for creation of separate posts for marketing Executives in GP 4200 we request to create separate PA Posts for marketing Executives on redeployment and grant special allowances to the officials working in those posts. (this is suggested as matching savings).


As already explained by us the present nomenclature for supervisory post vix:- LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I does not exhibit the nature of status of the officials holding the posts to the customers and public and it require change.

7.         SBCO STAFF:

In the case of SBCO Staff the following proposal is submitted.

Proposed Designation
Scale of pay
Auditor (*Entry Level)



Sr. Auditor
HSG-II(Sr. Supervisor)
Chief Auditor
HSG-I (Chief  Supervisor)
Executive Auditor

Chief Executive
            IN THE CASE OF Postmen/Mail Guard Staff as already suggested by us percentage promotion may be granted and the same may run concurrently with MACP as in the case of staff car drivers of MMS.

            As the nature of duties of MTS Staff in post offices is entirely different from their counterpart in other departments of Government of India, we reiterate our request for b ringing MTS Staff also under the purview of Cadre Review.

 (a)      Even  after the above cadre review proposals are implemented none of the existing officials will be benefited-financially as more number of officials are available under MACP in the Grade pay of 2800, 4200 and 4600 to work against the upgraded posts of 2800, 4200 & 4600 because of MACP-I, II and III. At present there are 26000 MACP II officials and 12000 MACP III officials in the Department f Posts. Even after upgradation as above, more number of officials will be getting MACP-I, II and III, much earlier than their normal promotion to grade pay 2800, 4200 & 4600 (LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I). Hence the question of matching savings does not arise at all.

(c)          6% posts in operative cadre and 20% posts in supervisory cadre was reduced as a matching savings when TBOP, BCR scheme was in force. The TBOP/BCR scheme has been scrapped on introduction of MACP scheme. Directorate has issued orders for restoration of justified posts without 6% and 20% cut. But no posts are sanctioned or restored. The cut still remains. If at all any matching savings is required, the above fact may be taken into account and the posts yet to be restored may be adjusted as matching savings.
Once again request you to consider the above points favorable.
Yours faithfully,

Sd/-                                         Sd/-                                            Sd/-
(M. Krishnan)                        (Giri Raj Singh)                    (R Sethalakshmi)
General Secretary.               General Secretary                General Secretary
AIPEU Group ‘C’                  Ai RMS & MMS EU Gr ‘C’   AiPEU, Postmen & Gr’D’/MTS

Sd/-                                         Sd/-                                                     Sd/-
(D Theagarajan)                   (TN Rahate)                                      (D. Kishan Rao)
General Secretary                General Secretary                            General Secretary
NU RMS & MMS, Gp-C       NUPE, Postmaen & Gr’D’/MTS     NUPE, Grup