Tuesday, May 27, 2014

                                                     NEW DEVELOPMENTS

            The people of biggest democracy in the world, India gave full mandate to the BJP and NDA under the leadership of Sri Narendra Modi and the new cabinet will be sworn in on 26th.The CG employees especially the Postal Employees are anxious about the policies and priorities of the new Government. In fact the UPA Governments gave budgetary support for the modernisation of the Department and more than ten thousand crores were given and the IT based projects are in the middle. Still more support is required for the continuation of  CBS The licence for the much awaited PBI has to be approved. The UPA constituted 7th CPC and merger of DA and Interim relief was left out. We have to watch the policies of the New Government towards the Employees.

            There will be change in the Secretary, Department of Posts from June. We express our gratitude and bid farewell to Mrs P.Gopinath for her tireless efforts in installation of CBS project in the Posta Office and pioneering the cause of Post bank of India which is becoming the reality now as RBI conditionally agreed for the PBI We welcome the new Secretary with new ambitions and taking the demands of Postal Staff further in a positive way.

            The memorandums to the Pay commission are submitted. Our main demand is getting a fair and higher pay scale to the Group C employee which was denied by the subsequent pay commissions. Better training and working conditions in the new environment .Restoration of allowances which were snatched away .Scientific based promotions for the higher responsibilities as the present MACP and hierarchy promotions did not give any financial benefit, but increased the workload and responsibilities. The pay band and Grade pay and merger of pay scales destroyed the relativities. An agreement was signed on the cadre restructuring of the Group C employees on 28th April . Under these circumstances we are facing the pay commission with just demands.

            With the above background the JCA met on 25th May decide to submit separate memorandums on the pending demands and decide the future course of action. Let us watch the new Developments seriously and face the new situation by keeping the powder dry.

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