Friday, May 30, 2014

Preliminary Interaction meeting with Chairman and members of Pay  
Today FNPO delegation consisting of General Secretaries NAPEC , General Secretary, PM&MTS, SGFNPO and R.Ravichandran participated in the meeting. During our meeting we presented that India Post is fully computerized and IT enabled and Justification for higher Pay Scale on account of computerization, Savings Bank, Life Insurance and Money Remittance, 100% IT driven on completion of IT project. And multifarious duties. Further we mentioned that Post Man touching every corner of the country. PO is a multipurpose delivery for central and state government schemes like Savings Schemes Payment, MGNREGA & DBT. Demand for higher scales of other cadres in DOP has been emphasized. However we did not mention minimum scale and grade pay. MACP anomalies were discussed. The details of the Power Point presentation are hereunder:

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Today the delegation of FNPO consisting Sri. D.Theagarajan SG FNPO, Sri D.Kishan  Rao. General Secretary NAPE Group C,Sri T.N.Rahate,General Secretary ,NUPM & Group D Participated in the Interaction meeting with 7th CPC. The FNPO made a power point presentation. The salient features of the presentation

* The Postal assistant are performing the Bank duties in the IT based Technology and the deposits are almost equal to SBI
* We are also performing money transfer, IMO devise based payments at the door step and in the same IT based technology central and state Govt. payments like SSP, MGNREGA etc.,
* The duties of the Postal Asst. are multifarious in nature and the qualification is to be upgraded and better placement in the higher pay band and grade pay.
* The pay commission advised to incorporate in Memorandum,the details of higher responsibilities and IT based technology
  The detailed memorandum will be submitted before 15th July 2014. Further details will follow.
Welcome to our Communication  Minister Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad
Ravi Shankar Prasad

Shri. Ravi Shankar Prasad





Department of Personnel and Training
No.22011/6/2013-Estt(D) Dated the 28th May, 2014


Subject: - Eligibility of officers to be considered for promotion by DPC- Fixing of Crucial   
                Date - Regarding.

The undersigned is directed to invite reference to the Department of Personnel and Training's Office Memorandum No. 22011/3/98-Estt(D) dated September 17, 1998 regarding subject mentioned above, which provides that the crucial date for determining eligibility for promotion in case of financial year-based vacancy year would fall on January 1, immediately preceding such vacancy year and in case of calendar year-based vacancy  year also, the first day of the vacancy year i.e.1 6t January itself would be the crucial date.

2. In case of financial year-based vacancy year, there is a clear gap of 3 months
between the crucial date of eligibility and the date of commencement of vacancy year i.e. between January 1 and April 1. Due to this gap, for any such vacancy year, even if the Departmental Promotion Committee (DPC) meeting is held in time as per the Model
Calendar, there is always a possibility of few officers not fulfilling the eligibility criteria as
on the crucial date of eligibility, though they are fulfilling the same as on the date of
commencement of the vacancy year.

3. The matter has been examined in consultation with Union Public Service Commission. It has been decided that the crucial date of eligibility shall be 1 st April of the vacancy year in case of financial year based vacancy year i.e. where the Annual Performance Appraisal Reports (APARs) are written financial year-wise. In case of calendar year based vacancy year, i.e. where APARs are written calendar year-wise, the crucial date of eligibility shall remain as 1 st January of the vacancy year. These instructions shall come into force in respect of vacancy year 2015-16 (financial year) commencing from April 1, 2015 and vacancy year 2015 (calendar year) commencing from January 1, 2015 and shall, accordingly, be applicable to all such subsequent vacancy years.

4. These instructions shall be applicable to all services/posts. All Ministries/ Departments are requested to bring these instructions to the notice of all concerned including attached and subordinate offices.

(Mukta Goel)

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

As per the request of the JCM National Council Staff side, 7th Central Pay Commission has granted extension of time upto 15.07.2014 (15th July 2014) for submission of memorandum by individual organizations other than JCM staff side. The following is the revised time schedule (Last date).
1.      JCM National Council Staff side                           :           30.06.2014
2.      All other Federations/Unions/Associations          :           15.07.2014
JCM National Council Staff side will be submitting a common memorandum before 30.06.2014 on the common demands of the Central Government Employees. The Copy of the JCM Staff side memorandum will be placed in the website.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

CAT Judgement Dated 15-05-2014 Reg Contempt Petition for Modified Parity to Pre-2006 Pensioners
C.P. No.158/2012
O.A. No. 655/2010
M.A. No. 1228/2014
New Delhi, this the 15th day of May, 2014
1.Central Government SAG (S-29)
Pensioners Association
Through its Secretary Shri Sant Bhushan Lal,
C-5/21, Grand Vasant,
Vasant Kunj,
New Delhi-110 070.
2.Shri Satish Varma,
Retd. Chief Engineer, Central Water Commission,
Ministry of Water Resources,
Govt. of India,
Resident of B-6/8, Vasant Vihar,
New Delhi-110 057. .. Petitioners
(By Advocate : Shri Nidesh Gupta, Sr. Advocate with Shri Sushil
Malik, Shri M.K. Ghosh and Shri Tarun Gupta)
1. Mr. R.C. Misra,
Secretary to the Government of India,
Department of Pensions and Pensioners Welfare,
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions,
Lok Nayak Bhawan, Khan Market,
New Delhi-110 003.
2. Mr. Sumit Bose,
Secretary to the Government of India,
Department of Expenditure,
Ministry of Finance, North Block,
New Delhi. .. Proposed Contemnors/
(By Advocate : Shri Rajesh Katyal and with Shri D.S. Mahendru
with departmental representatives Ms. Tripti Ghosh,
Director and Shri Harjit Singh, Dy. Secretary)
By Hon ble Mr. Justice Syed Rafat Alam
C.P. No.158/2012
This is an application for initiating contempt proceedings against the respondents for not carrying out the judgment/order of the Tribunal dated 01.11.2011 in O.A. No.655/2010 and connected cases.
2. At the outset, Shri Rajesh Katyal, the learned counsel appearing on behalf of the respondents, on instructions from Ms. Tripti Ghosh, Director and Shri Harjit Singh, Dy. Secretary, submits that the Curative Petition preferred by them has already been rejected by the Hon ble Apex Court by order dated 30.04.2014, and that the Ministry of Law has advised the Department to implement the aforesaid order of the Tribunal qua the petitioners. He submits that some reasonable time may be given to them to implement the aforesaid order.
3. In view of the above, we are of the view that no purpose would be served by keeping this matter pending and it would be appropriate to dispose of the matter with direction to the respondents to implement the directions of the Tribunal expeditiously, preferably within three months.
4. With the above order, this Contempt Petition stands disposed of. Notices issued to the alleged respondents/contemnors are discharged.
M.A. No. 1228/2014
In view of the fact that Curative Petition has been rejected by the Hon ble Apex Court and also in view of the submission made by Shri Rajesh Katyal, the learned counsel appearing on behalf of the respondents, on instructions made by the departmental representatives, that they have been advised by the Ministry of Law to implement the order of this Tribunal, in our view the Miscellaneous Application No.1228/2014 has become infructuous, and the same is, therefore, rejected.
(Dr. Birendra Kumar Sinha)       (V. Ajay Kumar)             (Syed Rafat Alam)
Member (A)                Member(J)                         Chairman
                                                     NEW DEVELOPMENTS

            The people of biggest democracy in the world, India gave full mandate to the BJP and NDA under the leadership of Sri Narendra Modi and the new cabinet will be sworn in on 26th.The CG employees especially the Postal Employees are anxious about the policies and priorities of the new Government. In fact the UPA Governments gave budgetary support for the modernisation of the Department and more than ten thousand crores were given and the IT based projects are in the middle. Still more support is required for the continuation of  CBS The licence for the much awaited PBI has to be approved. The UPA constituted 7th CPC and merger of DA and Interim relief was left out. We have to watch the policies of the New Government towards the Employees.

            There will be change in the Secretary, Department of Posts from June. We express our gratitude and bid farewell to Mrs P.Gopinath for her tireless efforts in installation of CBS project in the Posta Office and pioneering the cause of Post bank of India which is becoming the reality now as RBI conditionally agreed for the PBI We welcome the new Secretary with new ambitions and taking the demands of Postal Staff further in a positive way.

            The memorandums to the Pay commission are submitted. Our main demand is getting a fair and higher pay scale to the Group C employee which was denied by the subsequent pay commissions. Better training and working conditions in the new environment .Restoration of allowances which were snatched away .Scientific based promotions for the higher responsibilities as the present MACP and hierarchy promotions did not give any financial benefit, but increased the workload and responsibilities. The pay band and Grade pay and merger of pay scales destroyed the relativities. An agreement was signed on the cadre restructuring of the Group C employees on 28th April . Under these circumstances we are facing the pay commission with just demands.

            With the above background the JCA met on 25th May decide to submit separate memorandums on the pending demands and decide the future course of action. Let us watch the new Developments seriously and face the new situation by keeping the powder dry.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Why is Annual Increment denied to employees retiring in June?
Until 01.01.2006, the date of implementing employee’s annual increment was fixed on the basis of his/her date of appointment or promotion option. After the 6th CPC, it was decided that 1st July of each year would be the uniform date of implementation of annual increment for all Central Government employees.
Employees who are appointed after January 1st are not eligible for that year’s annual increment on July 1. They qualify for annual increment only the next year.
The revised pay rules said that “If an employee is on leave or is availing joining time on the 1st of July, the benefit of annual increment in pay will be drawn only from the date on which he resumes duty and not from the first of July. Each year, employees who retire in the month of June are not given the annual increment of the year since they do not report to work on 1st July. Only those employees who resume duty on July 1st are eligible to receive the annual increment. Or, the day they report back to work is taken as the date for implementing the annual increment. Since there are no possibilities for the retired employees to return to work, they are not considered as qualified to receive the annual increment.
The revised pay rules states that only those who have been receiving the same basic pay continuously for 6 months are considered as qualified for annual increment. According to the another rule of qualification for increment, the person should have complete one year in service after receiving the annual increment. Therefore, despite being qualified, these employees are denied their annual increment.
There is an order that states that those who retire on July 1st should complete the retirement formalities in the month of June.
Instead of strictly looking into such technicalities, it would be a nice gesture on the part of the Government to extend the benefits of annual increment to those senior employees too who retire from service in the month of June.


 "A parcel wrapped with cloth should invariably either be packed in a carton or be covered with paper or plastic wrapper over the cloth wrapping so that the bar code sticker can be properly affixed on the parcel for track and trace purpose”. 

To view the Gazette notification ,  CLICK HERE

Wednesday, May 21, 2014


Monday, May 19, 2014

PA/SA Examination 2014 - AN UPDATE

1. Jammu & Kashmir   - 18-05-2014   - From 10.00 AM to 12.00 NOON

2. Punjab                     - 18-05-2014   - From 10.00 AM to 12.00 NOON

3. Andhra Pradesh     - 25-05-2014   - From 02.00 PM to 04.00 PM 

4. West Bengal           - 25-05-2014   - From 02.00 PM to 04.00PM 


Friday, May 16, 2014

7th Pay Commission calls for report on pay and allowances and other service conditions of Central Government Employees from all Secretaries of various Central Government Departments.

1)Fixed Medical Allowance to Central Government pensioners residing in areas not covered under CGHS
2) Childeren Education Allowance.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Department of Personnel & Training
 No.22011/5/2013-Estt.(D) Dated the 9th May, 2014


Subject:- Procedure to be observed by Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs) - Assessment of entries and gradings in ACRs/APARs - Reg.

The undersigned is directed to invite reference to this Department's OM No.22011 / 5/ 86-Estt.D dated 10th April 1989 as modified from time to time wherein detailed guidelines on Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs) has been provided. As per extant instructions and rulings of Hon'ble Supreme Court in various court cases, the Departmental Promotion Committees enjoy full discretion to devise their own methods and procedures for objective assessment of the suitability of the candidates who are to be considered by them. Para 6.2.1 of the OM dated 10th April 1989 provides that the Confidential Rolls (now APARs) are the basic inputs on the basis of which assessment is to be made by each DPC. The evaluation of CRs (now APARs) should be fair, just
and non-discriminatory.

2. In terms of this Department's OM No.35034/7/ 97-Estt.(D) dated 8th February 2002, the DPC is required to determine the merits of those being assessed for promotion with reference to the prescribed bench-mark and accordingly grade the officers as 'fit' or Unfit' only. Only those who are graded 'fit' i.e. who meet the prescribed bench-mark by the DPC shall be included and arranged in the select panel in order to their inter-se
seniority in the feeder grade. Those officers who are graded 'unfit' in terms of prescribed bench-mark by the DPC shall not be included in the select panel. There is no supersession in promotion among those who are graded 'fit' by the DPC.

3. Further, all the Ministries/ Departments have time and again been advised by this Department to ensure compliance of instructions on mandatory provisions regarding proper  adverse remarks/below bench-mark gradings contained in the APARs in a
quasi-judicial manner as prescribed in this Department's OM No.21011 / 1 / 2005-Estt(A)            (Pt.II)  dated  14.05.2009,  OM No.21011/1/2010-Estt.A dated 13.4.2010 and OM No.21011/1/ 2005- Estt.A(Pt.II) dated 19.05.2011 before placing the same for consideration of the DPC. These provisions have been reiterated vide this Department's O.M. No.21011/1/ 2005-Estt.(A)(Part.III) dated 31St January, 2014 and all the Cadre Controlling Authorities, Ministries/Departments have been
advised to ensure compliance of these provisions before sending proposals
for consideration of DPCs.

4.         It has been brought to the notice of this Department that in certain cases the Departmental Promotion Committees while assessing suitability of officers have given recommendations as 'unfit' on grounds including non-fulfilment of procedural requirements of disposal of representations preferred on entries/gradings in APAR.

5. It is reiterated that in discharge of its statutory functions the respective DPCs are required to determine the merits of those being considered for promotion with reference to the prescribed bench-mark, by making its own assessment, on the basis of the entries and gradings contained in the APARs and other relevant material facts placed before it, and accordingly grade the officers as 'fit' or 'unfit'. Relevant material
would inter alia include the orders of the competent authority on the representation of the Government servant on the entries/ grading in APAR. In the event of the DPC deciding not to take cognisance of such an order, on the ground that the same is not a speaking order, the DPC shall make its assessment based on the entries in APAR and other material including the representation of the Government servant. The DPCs should substantiate its assessment by giving justifiable and sustainable reasons
including the cases where the assessment of the DPC is different from the grading in APAR (original or amended after representation by the Government servant).

6. All the Ministries/Departments are requested to give wide circulation to this OM and to ensure that extant guidelines on the subject are followed scrupulously.

(Mukta Goel)

Department Of Pension & Pensioners Welfare
No A/25/2008-P&PW (D)dated the 2nd May, 2014


Subject: Implementation of Government's decision on the recommendations of 5th
Central Pay Commission - Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance @ RS.100/- Central Government pensioners residing in areas not covered under CGHS.

The undersigned is directed to say that instructions for grant of Fixed Medical Allowance of Rs. 100/- per month to Pensioners/Family Pensioners residing in are not covered under CGHS were issued vide this Department's O.M.NoA5/57/97-P&PW(C) dated 19.12.1997,24.08.1998, 30.12.1998 and 17.04.2000. Instructions were issued vide this Department's O.M. No. 4/25/2008 P&PW(D) dated 26.05.2010for enhancement of the amount of Fixed Medical Allowance from Rs. 100/- to Rs.300/- p.m. w.e.f. 1.9.2008.

2. It may take some time in completion of formalities and process for sanction of family pension after death of existing pensioner/family pensioner. Representation shave been received in this Department that, the Fixed Medical Allowance to the subsequent family pensioner is allowed by some departments/organizations from the date of authorization of Family Pension. In such cases, the family pensioner does not receive the Fixed Medical Allowance for the period from the date of eligibility till the date of authorization of family pension.

3. The matter has been examined in this Department. It is clarified that in cases where the existing pensioner/family pensioner was in receipt of Fixed Medical Allowance, the family pensioner next-in-line may be allowed Fixed Medical Allowance from the same date from which he becomes eligible for family pension, if he/she otherwise fulfils the conditions for grant of Fixed Medical Allowance.

 (Deepa Anand)
Under Secretary to the Govt. of India

India Post --Banking system and ATMs goes live in hundreds of post offices-


Consolidated nominated list of CPIOs & Appellate Authorities - Tamilnadu Postal Circle


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

FinMin nixes India Post's plan to set up a bank
The Union finance ministry has poured cold water on India Post's application to set up a bank. The postal department might be asked to re-apply when new guidelines for bank licences are issued by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

As suggested by the
Bimal Jalan-headed screening committee, the issue came up for discussion at a recent meeting of the finance ministry and RBI, a ministry official said. The ministry said India Post was not ready for a banking foray.

India Post had said it needed Rs 1,800 crore to set up the bank. The postal department had sought an initial capital of Rs 623 crore from the finance ministry. It had thought of raising the rest from other sources.
  • Finance ministry says India Post is not ready for a banking foray
  • India Post had said it needed Rs 1,800 crore to set up the bank
  • The postal department had sought an initial capital of Rs 623 crore from the finance ministry
  • The advantage with India Post for getting a banking licence is that it has a branch in every nook and corner of the country
  • India Post has deposits of Rs 4 lakh crore but doesn't have experience in handling advances

"When we don't have enough money to recapitalise existing public sector banks, how can we afford to give funds for a new government bank?" said the official.

RBI had granted licences to only two entities, IDFC and Bandhan Financial Services, of the 25 applicants which applied to set up a bank.

The high-level advisory committee (Jalan panel) set up by RBI to look into the bank licence applications had recommended the central bank consider India Post's application separately, in consultation with the government, and RBI had agreed to do so.

RBI had also said that instead of only opening the licensing window periodically, it would like to make it a regular process, also mooting the idea of differentiated licences.

Officials said RBI might issue new guidelines with some modifications for on-tap and differentiated licences. Then, India Post could stand a chance, particularly as a deposit-taking bank, provided it addressed the concerns of all stakeholders, they added.

The advantage with India Post is that it has a branch in every nook and corner of the country. So, it can help the government reach the objective of financial inclusion.

"India Post deserves the licence because they have the ability to attract customers, the first step towards financial inclusion. It is easier to lend but difficult to get deposits," said Abizer Diwanji, partner and national leader-financial services, EY.

While India Post has deposits of Rs 4 lakh crore, it doesn't have experience in handling advances. It has a huge workforce but lacks experience in the range of banking operations, particularly treasury and risk management. Thus, it will have to get talent from the market, while some from its existing staff of 474,000 might be redundant.

India has the largest postal network in the world, with 155,015 post offices (against 98,000 bank branches), of which 90 per cent are in rural areas. However, the department posted a loss of Rs 5,805 crore in 2011-12. Both Bandhan and IDFC, on the other hand, are profitable.

Monday, May 12, 2014

1)Arrangement for  training.......................................
Liaison Officers for Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes
2)List of Allowances & Advances increased by 25% due to DA touched to 100% with effect from 1.1.2014. 
3)Final version of Reply to 7th CPC Questionnaire formulated by Staff Side JCM NationalCouncil
4)7th CPC Questionnaire - Reply given by JCM National Council(Staff Side)
No.NC-JCM-14/7th CPC                                                                                             May, 2014
The Secretary,
7th Central Pay Commission,
New Delhi
Sub: - Reply to Questionnaire
Respected Madam,
We are enclosing herewith reply to Questionnaire on behalf of National Council (Staff Side) JCM for kind consideration of the Commission.
With regards,
Yours faithfully,
(Shiva Gopal Mishra)
5)Simplification of pension procedure - submission of undertaking by retiring Government servant along with pension papers - reg.
Click here to see the details.
6) Temporary deputation to Hajj.

7th Pay Commission Issued Public Notice to invite Suggestion
7) Revision of Pension of Pre-2006 Pensioners with effect from 1st January 2006 – Curative Petition before Hon’bleSupreme Court dismissed .
8) BSNL 20% Discount for CentralGovernment Employees – Regularization of the discount scheme at a reduced 10%