Thursday, December 12, 2013

Directorate of Estates No. 5/18/2013-RR Cell dated 27-09-2013
(Circulated vide DG Post No. 10-04/2013-Bldg (Part)Dated 27-11-2013)

Subject: Regarding withholding of 10% Gratuity from the retiring Gover4nment Servants – Clarification.

                I am directed to refer to the DoPPW’s O.M. No. 20-16/1998-PPW(F) dated 11th July, 2013 on the cited subject and to say that DoPPW has reviewed the earlier guidelines and clarified that their  is no provision for withholding any part of gratuity at the time of retirement for the purpose of recovery off outstanding government dues other than those pertaining to Govt. Accommodation, the head of office will complete the assessment of such dues wit5hin eight months prior to date of retirement.

            In this regard, it is stated that it is mandatory for all the DDOs concerned of various Govt. Offices to implement the online licence Fee Collection and Monitoring system built through GAM. Directorate of estates shall not be held responsible to inform the parent department / office for withholding of 10% Gratuity for the recovery of licence fee of Allottees of GPRA. The sole responsibility would lie with DDO concerned. As soon as the recoveries are posted by the DDO, it gets automatically relected in the Rent card of the Allottee. Time to time, this Directorate upload the revised Licence fees of different Govt. Residential places, on  website. The DDO may observe/monitor the same on the website by using their DDO ID & Password and update the same by online posting of licence fee recovered of the Govt. Allottees. They should update the posting of past licence fee recoveries in the portal of their Allottees. The DDOs will generate the print of their monthly licence fee schedule only through GAMS as enclosure to the pay bills being sent to their Pay & Accounts Offices. They should examine/verify the dues pending etc. of their Allottees before retirement and intimate the same to Allottees, to enable them to obtain “NO DEMAND CERTIFICATE (NOC) from Directorate of Estates without any fail. The concerned DDOs should also provide online Rent Recovery Certificate to their Allottees, who are retiring and even they should provide System Generated (GAMSP Rent Recovery Certificate to each Allottees on yearly basis.

For seeking any further advice/guidelines in the matter the concerned office/department might contact this Directorate on any working day.