Friday, November 8, 2013

DG No. 19-31/2012-WL/Sport dated 14.10.2013
Subject: Allocation of funds to the circles Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sewaks for the year 2013-2014.

Approval of competent authority is hereby conveyed for release of funds amounting to Rs 2,57,85,600/- (Rs two crore fifty seven lakh eighty five thousand six hundred only) from the Postal Services Staff Welfare Fund to the respective Circle Welfare Fund for GDS for the year 2013-2014 as per detail given below;

1.    Andhra Pardesh                              -2845900
2.    Assam                                                -  852500
3.    Bihar                                                  -1484400
4.    Chhatishgarh                                               -  520500
5.    Delhi                                                  -    25000
6.    Gujrat                                                 -1445500
7.    Haryana                                             -  403800
8.    Himachal Pradesh                           -  622200
9.    Jammu & Kashmir                           -  265400
10. Jharkhand                                         -  566300
11. Karnataka                                          -1166200
12. Kerela                                                            -1412000
13. Madhya Pradesh                             -1334600
14. Maharashtra                                     -1991000
15. North East                                         -  737200
16. Orissa                                                 -1470900
17. Punjab                                               -  591200
18. Rajasthan                                          -1385500
19. Tamil Nadu                                       -2190300
20. Uttar pardesh                                    -2339000
21. Uttarakhand                                      -  623300
22. West Bangal                                     -1510900
Total                                               -25785600

2.         Any discrepancy noticed in allocation of funds may be reported to this office along with the requisite details, so as to enable this office to further review the position.

3.         The above allocation has been made subject to the condition that entire expenditure will be incurred by respective CPMGs within his/her financial powers subject to concurrence of CIFA in accordance to powers as laid down in Schedule II, HOC’s financial Powers which should be strictly adhered to.
4.         The funds allocated will be utilized in accordance with the instructions issued from time to time and accounts there of will be maintained in the prescribed format and as per procedure already defined & submitted to this office duly audited by P&T Audit.

Central Organization ECHS,Ministry of Defence (Army)
No. B/49773/AG/ECHS/Rates Policy dated 15 Oct, 2013
(Addressed to Regional Centre ECHS Mumbai)

Sub: Reimbursement of Med Claim for emergency treatment in non empanelled

A Clarification was sought from the Chief Medical Officer (SAG), CGHS Mumbai on the rates fat which the claims are settled of CGHS beneficiaries. The CGHS authorities have clarified vide their letter No. 3(xiv)3/13 Genl/1958/13 dated d30 Aug, 13 that reimbursement at 25% higher rate that the 2002 CGHS rates is applicable to those who have taken treatment in private non empanelled hospital through CGHS in Mumbai.

2.         Based on the above provision provided by CGHS reimbursement at 25% higher rates that 2002 CGHS rages will also be applicable to those ECHS members who have taken any emergency treatment in a non empanelled hospital for or for those undergoing any planned listed procedure in a non empanelled hospital after taking prior sanction of Central Org ECHS.

3          The above orders are applicable till further instructions.