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            The Supreme Court on Tuesday directed the Centre and all state governments to provide three per cent job reservation to disabled persons in all their departments, companies and institutions.

            A bench headed by Chief Justice P Sathasivam also clarified that the principle of not exceeding more than 50 per cent reservation would not be applicable while granting quota for disabled persons.

            The apex court directed the authorities to compile the number of vacancies in all their departments to give jobs to disabled persons under three per cent reserved quota within three months.

            The bench said it is an “alarming reality” that disabled persons are not getting jobs because of various social barriers forcing them to live life in poverty and negligence.

            It said the government has “categorical obligation” to protect the right of disabled persons and passed a slew of directions for providing jobs to them.

DG No. 19-31/2012-WL/Sports dated 17-9-2013
Subject: Circle Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sewaks – regarding
The matter regarding introduction of the Circle Welfare Fund for GDSs had been under consideration as part of ‘one year initiatives, of the Department of Posts’ under the guidance of Hon’ble Minister of Communications and Information Technology. The Scheme has now been approved by the competent authority and is as under:-
1.1              The Scheme dwill be known as Circle Welfare  Fund for Gramin Dak Sewaks (CWFGDS)  
1.2              The CWFGDS will be controlled by the Chief Postmaster General.
1.3              In order to decentralize the implementation of the Scheme and to ensure fast decision making it has been decided to delegate the powers at Regional level in respect of Gramin  Dak Sewaks Fund to Regional PMG’s. Thus, while the Regional Funds will be operated at Regional Level, there will be only one single Circle Fund and the proportionate amount pertaining to Region will be operated by Regional PMG under the overall control of the Head of Circle. Every Regional PMG should as on 1st April of every year be intimated the amount of fund available for operation for Regional implementation after an audit of the disbursal, payment received, payment made from the fund has been done by an Accounts Officer of the Circler nominated by the CPMG.

2.         OBJECTIVE
            As on date there are a total of 2,57,856* Gramin Dak Sewaks (GDS) who manage the rural Postal Network of 1,29,402* Branch Post Offices in the Country. Therefore, in order to look after their welfare, it has been decided to introduce a Circle Welfare Fund which will be utilized exclusively for the Welfare of Gramin Dak Sewaks. The Fund will be managed and operated at Circle level by the respective Heads of Circles.

            The Scheme is mandatory and is applicable to all regularly engaged Gramin Dak Sewaks working in the Postal Circles. The Scheme will not cover the substitute, working in place of GDSs, on leave arrangement  and provisionally engaged GDS.

4.         BYE – LAWS

            The bye-laws of the Scheme are attached as Annexure –A

            The subscription to the fund byt every Gramin Dak Sewak will be at the uniform rate of Rs 20 per month. The annual subscription of Rs 240/- will be recovered in one lump sum in the month of April  (TRCA of Marcjh) every year to minimize the accounting work. In case of newly engaged GDS, the annual subscription will be recovered from his first months ‘TRCA’ on proportionate basis i.e. at the rate of Rs 20 per month for all the months up to the financial year end irrespective of the date on which GDS joins in a month.

            The Scheme will come into force with effect from 01.10.2013. The concerned units in the Circles should commence recovery of the amount of subscription for 6 months of the financial year 2013-14 (from October, 2013 to March, 2014)  in one lump sum i.e. Rs 120/- from the TRCA of October, 2013. Thereafter, subscription will be regulated as per Para 5 of the Scheme.

            The annual subscription will be recovered from all the eligible Gramin Dak Sewaks by the Accounts Branch of the Head Post Office. The Head Post Office will remit the collections to the Treasurer of the managing Committee, along with the list of members, category-wise, under intimation to their SSP/SP/SSRM/SRM etc. Similar procedure may be adopted mutates mutandis in case of SRO/HRO of RMS. The Accounts Branch of the Head Post Office should maintain the register of GDS and ensure recovery every year in the mo nth of April in one lump sum.

8.         APPLICATION

8.1       The Gramin Dak Sewaks will apply for financial assistance under the Scheme in the prescribed Performa. The Controlling Authority and Divisional Head should report the fact of the death of the members at the earliest along with an application and attested copy of death certificate to the Secretary of the managing Committee, duly certifying the facts of the regular contribution paid by the deceased. In case of accidental death, the additional details in the prescribed Forms as required are to be obtained and forwarded for Financial Assistance. In case of major Surgical Operations the Forms and details be forwarded duly supported by evidence of operation and certificate etc.

8.2       The applications will be decided on first come first sere basis. The dte to be taken into account will be the date of application of GDS. The applicants cannot be held responsible for administrative delay in forwarding his case to Divisional office.Thus in the Circle/Regional office the date of submission of application by GDS to his contgroliing Officer will be taken as date of priority.

8.3       The Divisional Heads after verification will forward the application of GDS clearly giving remarks as ‘Recommended’ or ‘Not recommended’ as the case may be along with the justification in brief. In the Regional Office/Circle Office all the applications will be scrutinized once again and applications fulfilling all criteria will be retained for submission before the Committee competent to decide the matter. The Committee should comprise of minimum three officers from RE/CO. The non-eligible applications of applicants will be returned to the Divisional heads, mentioning the ground/reason for the same.

8.4       The Committed will meet once in three months i.e. all applications received from January to March will be decided in the meeting held in April, all applications received from April to June will be decided in the meeting held in July, all applications received from July to September will be decided in the meeting held in October and all applications received from October to December will be decided in the meeting held in January. Formal minutes will be issued and circulated to all Divisional Heads.


9.1       The Circle Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sewaks (CWFGDS) shall be managed by the Managing Committee as per clause 10 of the bye laws. The head of Region will be the final authority in deciding the cases of financial grants to the GDS in the Region. However, the head of the Circle will be the coordinating and final authority in resolving all the matters related to the Scheme/grants/assistance in the Circle. The decision of the head of the Circle in all matters regarding grants to eligible GDS will be final.

9.2       The powers to make any changes in the scope of the Scheme will lie only with the Director General, Posts.

9.3       It may be ensured that at least two representatives of Staff Union of GDS or in case there are no such staff representatives then any two GDS having good knowledge of Welfare Schemes/rules and ability to present the cases of other GDS are included in the GDS Welfare Committee as Members at Circle and Regional level while scrutinizing and deciding the cases.

            All Gramin Sewaks are eligible for benefits subject to the condition that they have been duly engaged by the competent authority in accordance to the laid down procedure of the Department and the engagement orders of the GDS are available on record.


1.1              The Scheme will be contributory in nature, with a component of grant-in-aid from Central Postal Welfare Fund of the Department.
1.2              Each Gramin Dak Sewak will contribute Rs 20 per monbth and annual subscription of Rs 240/- will be recovered in advance in one lump sum in April every year from the TRCA of march. As example:-

Amount per month to be contributed by each GDS employee
Rs.  20
Yearly contribution-
Rs.20x12= Rs. 240
 (c )
In one Circle if there are 10,000 GDS then Annual contribution will be-
Rs. 240x10,000=24,00,000
GDS entering service at age of 18 years and retiring at 65 years i.e. total 47 years will contribute an amount of-
Rs. 240x47=Rs. 11280

11.3     Various Circles have been deducting amount at various rates from Departmental and GDS officials towards Circle Welfare fund. In order to ensure uniformity, the amount has been fixed as Rs. 20 per month per GDS. Henceforth, with nthe launch of this new Schjeme the GDS will cease to contribute to any other Circle Fund. This Office Letter No. 1-11/97-WL&Sports dated 26.09.97 and Letter No. 2-1/2001-WL/Sports dated 26.04.2002 on the subject, augmentation of Postal Services Staff Welfare Fund by voluntary contributions , will stand partially superseded to this extent. The existing Balance in the Circle/Regional GDS Fund will be merged with the new scheme.

            An amount of Rs 100 per GDS per year (on the basis of actual working GDSs) will be granted from the Central Welfare Fund to each Circle as one time Annual contribution non recurring basis. For example, if a particular Circle is having 10,000 Gramin Dak Sewaks working as on 31st March of that particular year then Rs 10,00,000/- (10000xRs 100=Rs10,00,000/-) will be contributed by the Central Welfare Fund of the Directorate to that Circle for the Financial Year falling thereafter.

            The Circle Welfare Fund for Gramin Dak Sewaks will have three main components as under:-
(i)                 Financial Grant- The details are given in para 14.
(ii)               Financial assistance by way of loan of lower rate of interest @ 5% per annum – The details are given in para 15.
(iii)             One time repaykment at the time of retirement – The amount will be granted to those GDS who have not availed any financial assistance. The details are given in Para 16.
14.       FINANCIAL GRANT -   

14.1     Under this Scheme the Finan cial Grant will be provided under following heads/items:-

Sl. No.
Financial Assistance to GDS
Financial Assistance to families of deceased GDSs to meet immediate expenses following death, irrespective of whether death occurs during duty/outside duty hours.
Rs 10,000/-

Death duet o terrorist activity/dacoity, while on duty.
Financial Assistance in case of death of GDSs due to riots, attack by robbers & terrorist while not on duty.
Rs 12,000/-
Financial Assistance in case of death of GDSs due to accident
Rs 25,000/-
Funeral Expenses on death of GDS (payable in cases in which last rites of deceased GDS are performed by brothers or sisters or near relatives in the absence of any other next of kin)
Rs 5,000/-
Financial Assistance in case of major surgical operations in ailments, like  Cancer, brain hemorrhage, kidney failure/transplant, heart surgery etc.
Rs 20,000/-
Financial Assistance in case of accident of GDS while being on duty, requir4ing hospitalization for more than three days.
Rs 5000/-
Financial Assistance for nutritional diet to GDS suffering from TB(only once for a maximum period of six months, provided the GDS has put in at least six years of service & treatment is taken in government hospital).
Indoor Treatment-Rs 400 pm

Outdoor Treatment-Rs 200pm
Grant of Scholarship under educational Schemes to the children of GDS (as per existing terms & conditions).
IIT. AIIMS & IIM –Rs 1000 pm
Technical Education
Degree – Rs 280 pm
Diploma- Rs 190 pm
Non Technical Degree
BA/B.Sc/B.Com/Degree in fine arts – Rs 150 pm
IIT Certificate courses-Rs 940 pm
Incentive for excellence in academic achievement for 10th and 12th Class
1st position in Circle/Region –Rs 1000
2nd position in Circle/Region – Rs 800
3rd position in Circle/Region – Rs 700
4th position in Circle/Region – Rs 700
5th position in Circle/Region – Rs 500
Scholarship for physically handicapped children of GDS (for maximum 8 years & as per the existing terms & conditions)
Rs 200  pm
Maternity Grant to women GDS
Equivalent to three months TRCA with DA for the birth up to two children only
Financial Assistance in cases of natural calamities, like fire, floods etc.
Rs 5000/-

14.2     The above mentioned financial grant will be subject to and governed by terms and conditions, as are already existing and which may be issued on the subject in future.

14.3     An individual will be eligible only once for Financial grant under a particular head and cannot apply more than one time for the same purpose for same person.

15.1     Under this Scheme the GDS will be eligible for loan at lower rate of interest of 5% per annum up to the maximum amount of Rs 50,000/-, deductible in maximum twenty five monthly installments. The loan will be granted for the following:-

(i)                 For construction of one room with flush toilet facilities for housing the branch Post Office – Rs 50,000/-
(ii)               For purchase of Computer/Laptop to encourage computer literacy amongst GDS – Rs 20,000/-
(iii)             For purchase of moped/scooter/Motor cycle which will also facilitate travel while discharging duty like exchange of BO Bag, visit to Account Office etc.- Rs 20,000/-


16.1     a gds WHO HAS NOT CLAIMED ANY KIND OF ASSISTANCE OR GRANT FROM Circle Welfare Contributory Fund in his entire service will be paid a lump sum amount at the time of retirement. The slabs for payment will be as under;

        i.            Less than 5 years no amount payable
      ii.            5 years from the date of start of contribution – Rs 1000
    iii.            10 years from the date of start of contribution – Rs 2000
     iv.            15 years from the date of start of contribution – Rs 3000
       v.            20 years from the date of start of contribution – Rs 4500
     vi.            25 years from the date of start of contribution – Rs 5500
   vii.            30 years from the date of start of contribution – Rs 6500
 viii.            35 years from the date of start of contribution – Rs 8000
     ix.            40 years from the date of start of contribution – Rs 9000
       x.            More than 45 years from the date of start of contribution – Rs 11000

            The sanction orders will be issued by the Chief PMGs/Regional PMGs. However, the Regional PMGs will, at the end of the year submit a list of officials along with amount granted under the Circle Welfare Scheme to the Chief PMG form information. In case of payment of funeral expenses the payment may be ordered by the local controlling authority pending ex-post facto sanction by the competent authority.

18.1     The Regional PMG at the close of each Financial  Year shall submit to the CPMG, the Accounts of receipts and expenditure latest by 15th April. This exercise will be done by CPMG also in respect of Divisions/ units under his direct control. Thereafter the Chief PMG will send the consolidated Accounts for the Circle as a whole duly audited in respect of Circle Welfare Fund for GDS to the Director(Welfare & Sports ) in the Directorate.

18.2     A certificate that the GDS Welfare Fund for the year has been audited and found correct shall be furnished to the Postal Directorate within one month of auditing of Accounts.

18.3     The accounts of the fund shall be a8udited annually by the P&T Audit/by any person authorized by GM(F)/DAP, as the case may be, in the Circle on or before 30th June of each year.

18.4     The accounts of the funds shall also be checked annually by the Internal Check organization of the respective Circles before the Audit Inspection takes place.


19.1     The disbursement of amount to the GDS after due scrutiny and approval of the competent authority will be made through issue of sanction orders.

19.2     The amount contributed from the TRRCA of GDS will be deposited in a separate Savings Acount.

19.3     With the introduction of this new Scheme all Gramin Dak Sewaks will cease to be the part of the existing Circle Welfare Fund, which will henceforth cater to only departmental employees. The Annual Grants for GDS category will henceforth be disbursed from the Central Welfare Fund of the Directorate to the Circle Welfare Fund of GDS. However, in case of any ambiguity in terms, conditions and any other aspect of Scheme, particularly, w.r.t. Financial Grants, listed under Para-14.1 of this order, the action/decision shall be guided and governed by various orders, issued by the Directorate, on the item/subject and which may further be issued in future.

19.4     Orders containing provisions about day to day administering of Scheme, terms and conditions for grants/loan and Performa of various applications/forms will be issued separately.

Dy. Director General (Trg & Welfare)



1.         Name
            The Scheme shall be known as “Gramin Dak Sewaks Circle Welfare Fund”. In the following clauses it is also referred to as, “the Scheme” or “the Fund” or “GDSCWF”.

2.         Objective
            The objective of the Scheme is to prov9ide financial assistance to the Gramin Dak Sewaks in their need of hour. The Scheme will be subject to review by DG Posts for revising the amount and scope to cover more i9inds of assistance as the situation may demand.

3.         Membership:
3.1       The ,membership of the Scheme shall be mandatory for all the regularly engaged and serving GDS.
3.2       This is subject to the condition that the Scheme will not cover the persons working as substitutes in place of GDS/provisionally engaged GDS.
3.3       If any GDS, who is a member of the Scheme is under put off duty, may continue the membership by paying the subscription regularly for the period.

3.4       The membership of the Scheme shall be valid as long as the subscription is paid and shall cease when a GDS member reaches the maximum age of service i.e. 65 years. In cases of non-recovery of subscription due to administrative reasons, the same shall be recovered in subsequent months without any interest. If the non-recovery of subscription is due to any reason attributable to the GDS then the subscription shall be recovered in subsequent months with penal interest of Rs 1/- per month, per installment of subscription. If the subscription is not recovered continuously for (6) six months without valid reason, the membership shall stand terminates and no benefits shall be payable under the Scheme.
3.5       A Gramin Dak Sewak shall cease to be covered by the Scheme and in consequence, forfeit all entitlement of any benefit provided by it when he/she-
(a)        Is discharged on attaining the age of 65 years or is got discharged from service by the competent authority before the prescribed age of discharge or on invalidation on medical grounds. Or
(b)        Is removed or dismissed from service by any authority competent to order such removal /dismissal or his services are terminated. Or
(c )       Resigns from service  - Or
(d)        Is reported defaulter due to any reasons, whatsoever.
3.6       Those GDS who are discharged from their post due to reduction of post(s) shall continue to be entitled to the benefit of relief from the Scheme up to a maximum of one year after the date of their discharge provided they continue as members by paying the contribution regularly for the period.

4.         Definition
            Under this Scheme, unless the context otherwise requires:-
(a)   “Subscription” means the prescribed amount as determined from time to time that shall be payable by Gramin Dak Sewak as member of the Scheme, for enrollment or continuance as a member.
(b)   “Committee” means the Managing Committee constituted under clause 10 of the Bye-Laws.
(c)    “Members” means all eligible Gramin Dak Sewaks in the concerned Postal Circle paying subscriptions as provided under clause 8 of the bye-Laws.
(d)   Fund means the total sum of subscription paid by the members together with the interest on balance/investments and any grant which may be received for the purpose of the Scheme. This also shall include any amount collected by means of donations. sale of tickets for benefit shows an advertisement charges realized by issue of souvenir etc.
(e)   The CPMG will be final deciding authority in case of GDS working in the area directly under the control of CPMG as well as all matters regarding GDS in the Regions and referred to him by Regional PMGs.
(f)     Wherever the term GDSBPMs have been mentioned will also include GDSSPMs.
(g)   Accident means an incident due to which hurt or injury is caused to the body which may cause death.

5.         Commencement of the Scheme
            The Scheme will come into effect from 1.10.2013 and made mandatory for all Gramin Dak Sewaks staff.

6.         Refund
            No refund or amount subscribed to the fund shall be allowed for any reasons, whatsoever. However, the amount credited to the Fund due to w rong recovery or by mistake may be refunded.

7.         Eligibility
            All the GDS eligible as per Clause 3 of the Bye-Laws as on the date will be members of the Scheme and the Annual Subscriptions in terms of clause 8.3 of the Bye-Laws will be recovered annually from their pay. For the GDS engaged during any time of the year, the pro-rata subscription will be deducted from his TRCA from the month of joining, to the financial year (up to March) end.

8.         Finance of the Fund

8.1       The finance of the fund shall comprise of subscriptions from members, grant-in-aid from the Central Welfare Fund and amounts collected by the committed under clause 8.5.

8.2       The subscription to the Scheme shall be the same for all members as prescribed in clause 8.3, irrespective of the category of the GDS.

8.3       The rates of subscription will be as under:-
            Rs 240/- Per annum in respect of all Gramin Dak Sewaks.

8.4       The annual subscription will be recovered in one lump sum in April every year from the TRCA of march to minimize the accounting work.

8.5       The Managing Committee may raise additional finance for this Welfare Scheme by rising donations, sake of tickets of benefit shows, by issue of s souvenir with paid advertisements or by any other means approved by head of the Circle for the purpose.

9.         Nomination

9.1       The nomination, as furnished by the GDS at the time of engagement will be the valid nominations for the purpose of this Scheme: unless revised option is exercised consequents on the nominee pre-deceasing.
9.2       If a member has a family, the nomination shall be only in favour of any member of his/her family. A nomination made in favour of a person other than a family member when he/she has a family7 will be deemed to ne invalid.
9.3       If a member has n o family he/she may nominate any person to receive the relief from the Scheme. However, if he/she acquires a family later on, the nomination given earlier shall automatically cease to be valid, in such a case, the member/employee shall furnish a fresh nomination.
9.4       Family for the purpose of this Scheme shall be as defined in Department of Posts Gramin Dak Sewak (Conduct and Engagement) Rules, 201.
9.5       In the event of death of Member, if there is no Nomination and if the family members do not express consent unanimously in favour of the claimant, the President of the managing Committee may sanction the amount in favour of all the family members in equal shares.
9.6       if the nominee is a minor, the relief shall be paid to the surviving parent provided the minor is in his/her care and custody. If the minor nominee has no surviving parent or if the minor is not in the care and custody of the surviving parent, the mount of the relief may be made to the de-facto guardian having the care and custody of the minor nominee, on production of guardianship certificate.

10.       Managing Committee

10.1     The Circle Welfare fund for GDS (CWFGDS) shall be managed at Circle level by the Managing Committee consisting of the following office bearers and members:-

        I.            President                     Chief Postmaster General
      II.            Vice-President             Director Postal Services,(Headquarters)
    III.            Secretary                     Assistant Director incharge of Welfare & Sports in Circle Office
    IV.            Treasurer                    Accounts Officer in Circle Office
      V.            Member-I                    GDS Staff union member from the Circle
    VI.            Member-II                   GDS Staff Union member from the Circle
10.2     All the office bearers of the managing Committee will be ex-officio members: therefore there shall be no prescribed term for the Managing Committee.

10.3     At the Regional level the Fund shall be managed by the Managing Committee consisting of the following office bearers and members:-

        I.            President                     Postmaster General (Region)
      II.            Vice-President             Director Postal Services,(Region)
    III.            Secretary                     Assistant Director incharge of Welfare & Sports in Regional Office
    IV.            Treasurer                    Accounts officer in Regional office   
      V.            Member-I                    Nominated GDS/ GDS Staff union member from the Region
    VI.            Member-II                   nominated GDS/GDS Staff Union member from the Region

10.4     All the office bearers of the Regional level Committee will be ex-officio members; therefore there shall be no prescribed term for the Managing Committee.

11.       Duties of the Managing Committee

11.1     President
            The President shall be the Head of the Managing Committee and shall preside over the meetings. He will also decide disputed issues and cases related with the Scheme. He shall accord the sanction of relief/grant for various items from the fund in accordance with provisions, after satisfying himself that the claim is genuine and in order.

11.2     Vice President:-
            He will assist the President in all the work relating to this Scheme.

11.3     Secretary:-

        I.            He will ensure smooth and proper implementation of the Scheme. He shall arrange the timely meetings of the managing Committee and bring to its notice all matter requiring its consideration. He shall conduct all correspondence on behalf of the managing Committee and also receive and process claims and representations for grant of relief from the fund. He shall record or arrange to record the minutes of the meetings of the managing Committee.

      II.            The bank account of the fund shall be operated by the Secretary together with the Treasurer.

    III.            After the approval is given by the President to a claim for relief from the fund, the Secretary shall issue sanction for payment of the relief. The Secretary and Treasurer are jointly authorized to sign cheques for payment of grant and to incur other expenditure, in connection with the implementation of the Scheme.

11.4     Treasurer:-
            The Treasurer shall be responsible to the committee for the proper conduct of matter relating to finances of the fund. He shall be responsible for accounting of money received and payments made out of the fund. He shall maintain receipts and payments made out of the fund. He shall maintain the accounts and vouchers and supply the relevant information relating to the fund whenever required by the committee. He shall promptly remit to the bank al the Money received by him pertaining to the fund. On receipt of sanctions, he shall arrange remittance of relief promptly. He shall operate the account jointly with the Secretary. He shall bring to the notice of the Secretary and committee all matters relating to the finance of the fund that may require their attention and particularly the irregularities which come to his notice.

12.       Honorarium

12.1     The rate of honorarium payable to any person, other than Treasurer and Auditor, attending to the work of the fund may be decided by the managing Committee.

12.2     Taking into consideration the work involved in managing the Fund, Treasurer and Auditor may be given honorarium as under:-

Treasurer                    : Rs 5,000/- Per annum
Auditor                        : Rs 1000/- Per annum

13.       Auditing of Accounts

            Within two months of the end of each financial year, the auditing work will be done by the IFA. o/o the Chief Postmaster General or by any agency/officer appointed by the Managing Committee. The auditor so appointed will certify the correctness of accounts alognwith comments if any. The report of the auditor shall be placed before the committee soon after the completion of the audit, i.e. within three months of the end of the financial year.

14.       Investment of Funds

            Surplus funds, not required for immediate utilization may be invested to the best advantage of fund as decided by Managing Committee, only in Govt. financial institutions or Nationalized Banks.

15.       Amendments to the Scheme

1`5.1    All powers regarding amendment in any part of the Scheme, in the larger interest of the members, rests with the Director General posts.

* * * * * *