Tuesday, June 4, 2013



Federal working committee was held in Blind Association Hall, Ahamedabad on 02nd June 2013 under the Chairmanship of Shri.T.N.Rahate, President FNPO.  The following Agenda were discussed in depth.
1.  Change Management :  SG FNPO has given brief introduction on the subject and called discussions from the Federal Working Committee members.  Before that a detailed report on the Change Management was delivered by Mr. Sitesh Porwal, Senior Consultant TCS. After the presentation, Federal working committee members discussed pros & cons on the subject.  Shri Ganesh V Sawaleshwarkar, Director of PTC Vadodara, explained the need of Change Management for the Department of Post.  Finally, Shri.D.Kishan Rao, General Secy. NAPE-C, delivered his opinions on the subject.
2.    Present scenario of Japanies Postal Employee & Roll of JPGU :
Brother Masuru Honda during his lecture, he has explained how the JPGU acted when the Koizume Government taken a decision to privatise state-run Postal services were enacted in 2005. During 2009, the Democratic Party of Japan (DPJ) won the General Elections and came to power, giving the Japan Postal Group Union (JPGU) an opportunity to make efforts towards the Postal reforms.  JPGU faced a great difficulties in appealing for postal reform in the “Divided Diet” (Japan Parliament) in which opposition parties controlled the upper house while the ruling coalition had a majority in the lower house.  JPGU worked together with JPGI-friendly Diet (Parliament) members and asked the three parties viz. DPJ, Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) and new Komeito to draw up a new postal bill.  As a result, the three parties jointly submitted the Amended Postal Privatization Bill which was passed in the Diet on 27th April 2012.  The Law includes the following points :  From 01st Oct 2012 (1) The Mail Delivery Company and the Post Office company will merge and the five-company system will be reorganized into four company structure.  (2)  The Japan Post Group will be obligated to provide the financial universal services.  (3) The Obligation to release all the shares of the Postal Bank and Insurance company is eased and complete privatization is set as Non-binding target. (4) These two financial units pave the way for entering new business fields.
After the presentation by Mr. Masura Honda, a big discussion was taken place in the Federal Working committee.
ROLL OF UNI-APRO : Bro. Eichi Ito explained the roll of UNI APRO on Postal & Logistics issues.         
3.  Post Strike Situation 20th and 21st February 2013 :  The SG FNPO explained the development on the Strike Demands. The Federal working committee decided to support the Strike call whenever given by the INTUC, after the big debate. However some of the Federal Working Committee members recorded their reservations.
4.  Stand on DA Merger and constitution of VII Pay Commission : The Federal Working Committee unanimously decided to demand the constitution of VII Pay Commission for which Federal Working Committee resolved to approach Parliament members and to send the Memorandum to the Prime Minister, justifying the need for the same.
(a)       With regard to 50 % DA Merger, the Federal Working Committee decided to conduct a separate Meeting with FNPO affiliated Union’s General Secretaries shortly.

5.  The following issues were discussed by the Federal Working Committee and the decisions arrived thereon :

(i)              The Demands of GDS – such as Removal of minimum 50points conditions for GDS compassionate appointment, Ensuring non reduction of TRCA, Encashment of Bonus ceiling, Revision of Cash Handling norms etc, :  The Federal Working committee resolved to conduct a separate meeting in Srinagar during the second week of June 2013 to chalk out the agitation programmes on the issues. 

(ii)             Postman issues :  The Federal Working committee unanimously resolved to support the call of Postmen Unions affiliated with FNPO and NFPE. 

(iii)            The Federal Working Committee decided to conduct Study camp zonal-wise shortly.  The date and venue will be announced by the Federation in the end of August 2013. 

(iv)            The Federal Working Committee analysed the Status Report on the Memorandum submitted to the Secretary (Posts) by PJCA on 01.4.2013. The Federal Working Committee directed FNPO Affiliated Unions General Secretaries to chalk out the programmes to achieve the demands furnished in the Memorandum submitted by the PJCA on 01.4.2013.

1.  The Federal Working Committee conveys sincere thanks to the Department of Posts for deputing Departmental Officers to the Working Committee Seminar.
2.  The Federal Working Committee thanks to the JPGU for the financial assistance to conduct the Change Management Seminar successfully.
3.  The Federal Working Committee thanks to the Local Co-ordinators, S/Shri. R.N.Parmer, K.B.Desai, C.P.Nayi and Ranjit Gohil.