Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Department of Personnel & Training No.No.1/1/2013-1R
Dated: 17/05/2013


Subject: Extension of RTI web portal for online filing of RTI application.

In continuation of this Department’s O.M. of even number dated 22/04/2013, ¡t is intimated that training to RTI Nodal Officers, RTI Cell officials and NIC/IT personnel attached with Ministries/Departments of Government of India have been completed by DoPT with the help of NIC.

2. It is again requested that training to all the CPlOs and First Appellate Authorities (FAAs) may be provided by the concerned Ministry/Department, through the officials trained by DoPT/NIC, User name/password to all the CPIOs and FAAs are to be provided by RTI Nodal Officers of the concerned Ministry/Department. It is imperative that the RTI Nodal Officers start updating the details of CPIOs / FAAs in the system and issue user name and password to them at the earliest.

3. As mentioned in the said O.M., it is planned to extend the facility of RTI onlineweb portal to all the Ministries/Departments of Government of India. This facility is being extended to Ministry of Home Affairs, Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Department of Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries and Department of Consumer Affairs and Department of Food and Public Distribution from 22 May 2013.

(Sandeep Jain)
Deputy Secretary   DG Posts No. 04-28/2013-SPB-II dated 15-05-2013 Sub: Filling up the posts of Postmaster Grade-III in Post Offices in Postal Circles.

I am directed to refer to Directorate letter No. 13-22010-PE-I dated 25-11-2010constituting a separate cadre of Postmasters namely Postmaster Grade I, II III and Senior Postmaster by carving out certain number of posts in the existing General line posts in LSG/HSG II /HSG I and Postal Service Group B respectively. As per the said order the posts will be deemed to have been designated as Postmaster Grade-I, II and III wef the dates those are filling up. The Recruitment Rules of {Po0stmaster Grade III including Grade I & II have since been notified on 09-09-2010 and circulated vide Directorate letter No. 4-1/2008-SPB II dated 22-11-2010. The cadre of Postmaster Grade I and II have already become operational. However the Postmaster Grade II in Post Office sis yet to become operational. In this context, Directorate vide letter letter No. 4-19/2012-SPB-II dated 7/8-2-2011 and 02-05-2012 had inter allia asked the Circles to await further instructions from the directorate’s regarding filling up the posts in Postmaster Grade III under initial constitution clause as the than exiting vacancies in HSG- I were yet to be filled up on regular basis as per revised Recruitment Rules of HSG-I when notified.
2. Revision of Recruitment Rules for HSG-I cadre and PO & RMS offices is still under consideration in consultation with Union Public Service Commission and Department of Personnel & Training (DOP&T) in the meanwhile the Department has proposed to DOP&T to permit filling up the vacancies in HSG-I Post Offices by promotion of HSG II officials as per the existing Recruitment Rules. The same has since been agreed to by DOP&T. Consequently the Directorate vide letter No. 4-44/2012-SPB-II dated 18-04-2013 has issued instructions to a Circles to fill up the vacancies in HSGI in PO & RMS Offices as per the provisions of exiting Recruitment Rules, by convening DPC meetings by 30-04-2013 and issue the promotion orders by 8-2-2013.
3. The Recruitment Rules for Postmaster Grade-III provide for filling up the posts through initial constitution for the officials holding the posts in HSG I on regular basis in Post Offices by calling option from them for appointment to the post and a screening shall asses the suitability of officials who apply for appointment as Postmaster Grade III at the commencement of the said rules.
4. In view of the above the Circles are now requested to take necessary action for filling up the posts of Postmaster Grade III under initial constitution clause of the Recruitment t Rules by calling options / application from HSG-I officials in post Offices. While issuing circular calling for options / application from the HSG-I officials the following conditions laid down in paragraph 6 of Directorate’s letter No. 4-7/2008-SPB-II dated 22-11-2010 which are reproduced below for ready reference, may be brought to their notice.

(i) Once an official submit his application he will not be allowed to withdraws the same.

(ii) Officials who are still left with at least two years of service to retire may only
apply ion order to avoid their dislocation at the fag end of their service.

(iii) In the event of their appointment as postmaster–III their further career
progression will be in the hierarchy in the Postmaster cadre only as per the
provision in the relevant Recruitment Rules and not in the General Line.

5. Earlier, the Directorate vide of letter No. 4-17/2008-SPBN-II dated 22-11-2010 has advised the Circles to call for applications for postmaster Grade-III also but subsequently vide letter date 7/8-2-2011 and 2-5-2012 the Circles were advised to await further instructions from the Directorate. It may be made clear in the circular that all those who had applied in response to the earlier circular and are still willing for appointment as Postmaster Grade III should apply again.
6. The applications / options so received from eligible regular HSG-I officials in post Offices may be scrutinized by the Circles and submitted to the Screening Committee for consideration. The officials recommended by the Screening Committee may be considered by the appointing authority and appointed immediately as Postmaster Grade III against the identified posts. If certain number of posts still remained unfilled after filling up the posts for postmaster Grade III under initial constitution clause for want of sufficient number of eligible officials the same may be filled up by promotion as per the provision contained in Col 12 of the Recruitment Rules of Postmaster Cadre III.
7. It is reiterated that the post will be deemed to have been designated as Postmaster Grade III with effect from the dates those are frilled up. As has been clarified vide Dte letters No. 4-61/2011-SPB-II dated 21-12-2011 and 4-19/2012-SPB-II dated 02-05-2012 respectively till the posts are designated as Postmaster Grade -III, the posts of HSG-I will continue to be manned by officials of General Line.
8. All the Postal Circles are requested to follow the time line mentioned below to fill up then posts of Postmaster Grade III in already identified Post Offices.
1 Date of issue of circular calling for the options / applications from HSG I officials in Post Offices for appointment as Postmaster Grade-III    -      24-5-2013

2 Last date of receipt of option / applications along with bio- data  --  24-6-2013

3 Completion of scrutiny of applications and obtaining vigilance clearance and ACR dossiers- 08-07-2013

4 Submission of application to Screening Committee -   17-07-2013

5 Receipt of minutes of the Screening Committee   -  24-07-2013

6 Submission of the minutes to the appointing authority for approval -   29-07-2013

7 Issue of appointment order to eligible officials for appointment as Postmaster Grade-III -  07-08-2013

9. The Postmaster Grade II officials so appointed may be deputed for training immediately in consultation with the Training Division of the Directorate.
10. A report may please be furnished to the Directorate by 14th, August 2013 regarding completion of the above stated exercise for submission the same to Secretary (Posts)

(Alka Tewari)
Astt. Director General (SPN)