Thursday, May 2, 2013


The Department issued orders vide letter No. 15-2/2007-SR dated 16-4-2013 raising the monthly subscription from Rs 30/- to Rs 40/-. The letter is posted here under in this blog. Divisional Secretaries are requested to take action for recovery of subscription @ of Rs 40/- from the pay of April 2013. To download the original orders click on the right side NUPE G-C - data base and amendment to the constitution.pdf in the data base.

General Secretary

DG Post No. 15-2/2007-SR
Dated : 16-4-2013

Subject: Amendment of Constitution of NAPE Gr. ‘C’

I am directed to refer to your letter No. 11-1A/c dated 14-1-2013 on the above subject and to inform that the government has provisionally approved amendment to the following Articles in the Constitution of National Union of Postal Employees Gr. ‘C’ the amended clauses will now be read as under;-

Sl No.
Existing Clause
Amendment approved
Clause 32
The monthly subscription Rs 30/- (Rupees Thirty only)
The monthly subscription shall be Rs 40/- (Rupees Forty only)
Clause 33
The monthly subscription shall be allocated as under:-
All India Union – Rs 8.00
Circle Union     -  Rs 7-00
Branch Union   -  Rs 15-00
The monthly subscription shall be allocated as under:-
All India Union – Rs 11.00
Circle Union     -  Rs 10-00
Branch Union   -  Rs 19-00

This may be incorporated  in the existing Constitution of the Union and a copy of the amended Constitution may be submitted to this office for record.

(Arun Malik)
Director (SR & Legal)