Thursday, February 9, 2012

Regulation of strike period

Department of Posts Letter No. 8-15/2011-SR dated 1-2-2012

Subject: Regulation of strike period – Reiteration of instructions issued vide letter No. 8/27/97-SR(Pt.) dated 23-06-1998

            As you are aware, the Postal Joint Council of Action served a notice of indefinite strike with effect from 17-01-2012, accompanied by a 25 point charger of Demands. All the items were discussed in detail in a series of meeting taken by Secretary/ Members of the Postal Services Board and minutes of the meetings were sent to you vice communication dated 16-01-2012.

2.         In this regard, attention is invited to Para 24 of the minutes of the meeting, dealing with imposing of FR-17A against strikers. Instructions on the subject were issued by the Department vide D.O. letter No. 8-27/97-SR (Pt) under the signature of the then Member (Development) which inter-alia states that the provisions of FR 17A in respect of Departmental employees and Rule 23 of ED Conduct and Service Rules, 1964 in respect of EDs (since substituted by GDS (Conduct & Engagement) Rules, 2011) may be invoked only in cases of incitement, instances of violence/ sabotage etc. The Department is following these instructions in the matter of regulating the strike period / strike situation. It is requested to review the action taken in this regard in the light of the aforesaid instructions, under intimation to this office.