Monday, April 18, 2011

photos of women conference


1st Women Convention in Appex Lavel

The first women convention in appex Level under the banner of NAPE, Gr-C (Central Head Quarter) was held from 11-12 March at Preeti Mahal (1st Floor), Kotta-Kuppam, Pondicerry. Smt. Pema doma Bhutia - Chairperson presided over the convention. Smt. K. J. Dolima - Convenor of the Committee introduced the need of the organizing the women and it is giving the opportunity to ventilate our grievances and finding solutions.Sri D. Kishan Rao, General secretary,NAPEC inaugurated the conference and submitted the paper (Printed Elsewhere) Sri G.P.Muthikrishnan,Circle secretary narrated the trade union movement in the past and how we achieved the rights for the women.The constant participation of women in the struggles only will solve the problems and the women employees should take an active roll in organizing the movement.S/S Rajat S. Das, D. Theagrajan, P.U. Muruleedharan, P.S. Babu, graced the convention. 11 Lady Participents from different Circle took part in the discussion Smt Sujata Mysore,Indrani Hyderabad,Sumangala Manggalore Vijayalaxmi Trichy Rajeshwari Mysore Puthul chakroborthy West Bengal Padmavathi A.P. are the prominent speakers..

In the convention s resolutions were adopted for the betterment of the Lady employees working the field/ work place office.

After long discussion the Appex Level Committee which was formed at Siliguri (WB) Conference headed by six members further included the following Lady members at Pondicherry.

1. Smt. Babita, Goswami, East Kolkata. Dn (WB)

2. Km. Putul Chakraborty, Contai Dn. (WB)

3. Smt. Paromita Roy Chowdhury, North Kolkata.(WB)

4. Smt. K. C. Parimala, Kannur Dn. (Kerala)

5. Smt. Shanta Kumari, Manjeri Dn. (Kerala)

6. Smt. Urmila, Secunderabad HO. (AP)

7. Smt. Padmavati, Avanirigadda HO Machilipatnam (AP)

8. Smt. Soubhagya Laxmi, Secunderabad Dn (AP)

9. Smt. Rajeswari Urs, Mysore Dn (Karnataka)

10. Smt. B. Bramaramba, Bangalore South Dn (Karnataka)

11. Smt. S. A. Managuli, Bhagala Kot Dn (Karnataka)

12. Smt. H. Manjula, Chitradurga Dn (Karnataka)

13. Sm.t P. Rajeswari, Madurai Dn (TN)

14. Smt. P. Bala, Pondichery Dn (TN)

15. Smt. G. R. Jeya, Tiruppa Dn (TN)

16. Smt. Ankola Madhuri, Raipur Dn (Chattisgarh)

17. Smt. R. Rajeswari, Bhilai Dn (Chattisgarh)