Tuesday, April 12, 2011


As per the classificatory orders of DO&PT employee can exercise revised option in the month of April and the option will become applicable only  from 1st July of the year. The Divisional Secretaries can obtain letters of authorization from the new entrants,from the members of other unions. The NAPE already taken up the issue of allowing the membership of employees whose membership has became invalid and their are disputes in these cases.It is therefore advised to collect and submit the declarations of the employees which were  invalidated in the last verification.It is also advised the original declaration form authorized prior to the two verifications in the years 2008 2009 which bears the dated Signature of the officer of the Department.It is purely to avoid unwanted controversies to be created.The from is encosed hereunder.
                                                                Annexure –II
                                                       Department of Posts, India

Name of the office ..................................................................

                                    LETTER OF AUTHORISATION



Designation of D.D.O. 
              I,­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­_______________________________________ (Name & Designation) being a Member of_____________________________________________(Name of Service Association) hereby  authorize deduction of monthly subscription of Rs __________ per month from my salary starting from the month of July 2011 payable on 31/07/2011 and authorize its payment to the above mentioned service Association.
             I hereby certify that I have not submitted authorization in favour of any other Service Association. If the above information is found incorrect, I fully understand that my authorization for the Association becomes invalid                                                                                      
Station:                                                                        Signature_____________________
Dated: -                                                                       Name _______________________  
                                                                                   Designation ____________________
                             To be filled by the Association.

           It is certified that Shri/Smt _____________________________________________ is a Member of ________________________________________(Name of Service Association)
      It is further certified that the above authorization has been signed by Shri/Smt_______________ _____________________________________in my presence.

                                                                              Name (in capital)
                                                                              of authorized office bearer
Name in capital
Of the member