Thursday, March 10, 2011

LTC Clarficatory orders

F. No. 19024/1/2009-E.IV
Ministry of Finance
Department of Expenditure
E.IV Branch, New Delhi, dated
                                                                                                                  March4, 2011.


Subject: Clarification regarding reimbursement of LTC-80 fare.

             The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department's O.M. No. 7(1)/E. Coord/2008 dated 4.12.2008 regarding restriction of the Air Travel on the LTC to Air India's LTC-80 fares with effect from 1st December,2008.
 2.         References are being received in this Department seeking clarification for admissibility of LTC claims of Government officials in cases where the air fare paid for travel by Air India happens to be less than LTC-80 class of Air India. It is clarified that reimbursement of air fare lower than LTC-80 air fare of Air India will also be admissible for journeys performed by Air India under LTC as the intention is to ensure that the LTC claim should not in any case , exceed LTC-80 fare of Air India. 
3.         It is further clarified that instructions issued by this Department on air travel from time to time continue to remain in force.

                                                   (A.  Bhattacharya)
                                                                 Under Secretary to the Govt. of India


Government of India
Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
313, 'D' Wing, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi -110108

                                                                                                                 Dated: 11th  January,2011
                                            OFFICE MEMORANDUM

Sub:   Delegation of powers of Head of Department to Head of Office for        settling permission cases and post facto approval to reimbursement in           relaxation of rules in emergent cases under CGHS/CS (MA) Rules, 1944.
             The undersigned is directed to invite reference to para (ii) of this Ministry's Office Memorandum NO.S.14012/9/75-MC (MS) dated 18.06.1982, as mentioned at point 4 under Appendix-VIII of CS (MA) Rules, 1944 relating to reimbursement in relaxation of rules in emergent cases, which stipulates that powers for settling permission cases and post facto approval should not be exercised by authorities lower than Heads of Departments.
 2.         The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has examined the question of further delegation of powers to Head of Offices/officers at Under Secretary level, in such offices, which are not headed by officers equivalent to a Deputy Secretary, in the matter and it has been decided with the approval of the competent authority to delegate such powers in the following manner:-
       "In case of medical reimbursement, delegation of power can be given to Under Secretaries in the Departments of Central Government declared as Heads of Offices subject to the condition that upto Rs. two thousand for taking treatment in OPD and upto Rs. Five thousand for taking treatment in IPD under CGHS/CS(MA) Rules, 1944. This delegation of powers can be exercised as per the prescribed rate list of nearest CGHS covered city or actual whichever is lower for CS (MA} beneficiaries and as per package rate for CGHS beneficiaries in CGHS cities."
 3. This order is applicable to both CGHS and CS(MA) beneficiaries.
 4. This Office Memorandum issues with the approval of Ministry of Finance vide 10 No 14(1)/E.IIA/2010 dated 06.07.2010.
                                                                                                           (Sanjay Pant)
                                                                             Under Secretary to the Government of India.

Flash News

Directorate vide letter no 1-56/2003-SPG dated 08-03-2011 has issued postings/transfers to the grade of Member Postal Services Board, Indian Postal Services, Group-A in the pay scale of Rs 75500-80000/-.
Sl no
Name of the officer
Presently posted
Posting on promotion
(1977 Batch)
Presently on Deputation
Vacant post
Col.Kamleswar Prasad (1977 Batch)
CPMG Bihar Circle
Member (HRD)
Vice Sri V.Sada sivam trfd.

The top two officials in the state administration, chief secretary, Mr S.V. Prasad, and the director-general of police, Mr K. Aravinda Rao, will benefit from the Centre’s decision to set the retirement age for civil servants at 62 years from the present 60 years. Mr Aravinda Rao was due to retire in June and the chief secretary in September. 
Sources told this newspaper that the Cabinet subcommittee of the Union government gave its nod for enhancing the retirement age, and orders amending the service rules are expected much before the retirement of the two officials. The Prime Minister, Dr Manmohan Singh, was keen to enhance the retirement age of bureaucrats.
Sources said that though the proposal is ready for implementation, there will be a few months’ delay because the government wants to make Mr Pulok Chatterjee the new Cabinet secretary at the Centre and prefers to wait for bureaucrats senior to him to retire before it makes the announcement.
Mr Chatterjee had earlier worked with the UPA chairperson, Mrs Sonia Gandhi, and is considered a natural choice to take over from the incumbent Mr K.M. Chandrasekhar. “There are a few bureaucrats senior to Mr Chatterjee and the Centre will wait for their retirement in April,” explained a senior official.
Back here in the state, the government will be keen to retain the services of Mr Prasad and Mr Aravinda Rao who have proved to be assets when the state is passing through turbulent times. The former chief minister, Mr K. Rosaiah, appointed the two officials to the top posts and his successor Mr N. Kiran Kumar Reddy did not make any changes. Another senior bureaucrat, Ms Janaki Kondapi, will also benefit from the change in the new retirement age as she is due for retirement in the next few months.

 Deccan Chronicle