Monday, July 25, 2011

Amendments to the Costitution of NAPE,GROUP C

All Circle Secretaries/Branch Secretaries,
Kindly find herewith the Amendments to the constitution of the Union.The rate of Subscription is increased from 01-04-2011 from Rs 20 to Rs 30.Please take action to recover the subscription from April in arrears and renit quota as per the  allocation in the letter of DG.

To Down load the orders Please Click on the right side NUPEGC-Database and then click Amendments 1&2

General Secretary


M Muralidharan said...

What is the fate of the amendment on change of name as National Union of Postal Employees,Gr C?If the Dept is not approving our amendment,why it is not insisting the other Unions to call themselves as Associations? We had made a mistake by changing our name,hadn't we?
-M Muralidharan,Erode

cbck1951 said...

Ofcourse,I Subscrbe the the views & ideas of Shri.M.Muralidharan Erode,the abrupt change of nomenclature without reading the pulse of rank & file who were chanted the name for decades are not ready to give up .Hence push it for approval .
C. Kumaran , Coimnabtore.

cbck1951 said...

It is right and wise decision to orgaqnise the great K.R's centinary celebration for one long year.FNPO affiliated Group'C'union should bear the responsibility carry out celebration effectively throught the year.It is my suggestion that organise seminar on K.R and post some gist of K.R's life profile in order to spead over the sacrifice rendered by the great leader to the T U movement.

cbck1951 said...

The General Secretary NUPE GC

I have a strong doubt that whethr our GS is opening the site at least once in a fortnight? Why not a posting of developments in union& Dept:is not taking place a definite periodical intervels? I hope GS will reply to members

C.KUMARAN Former Regional Secretary Western Region (T N )