Wednesday, January 26, 2011


The 19th All India conference of NAPE,Group  discussed the empowerment of Women in the Postal Sector and resolved to form a separate women committee for organizing the women employees and formulating the specific demands in the work place management. The conference unanimously resolved to form the committee with the following Divisional Secretaries/Circle office bearers members who will organize and guide the CHQ in solving the problems. This committee will organize women employees and formulate strategies in consultation with the circle bodies and work as apex body at the  CHQ.

 Chairperson       Smt.Pema  Doma Bhutia PA,Darjeeling HO-734101 West Bengal
                           Divisional Secretary,Darjeeling Mobile No09434166765
Convener            Smt.K.J.Dolima,Accountant, O/O/Supdt Of Post offices,Kannur (Kerala
                            Circle Vice President                       
                             Mobile No 09447687790)

Members             Smt Madhumita  Choudhary, APM,Alipore HPO,Kolkata -700 001
                                     Mobile NO (09432992407)
                            Smt.B.C.S.Indrani,APM,Secunderabad HO.A.P Circle-500 003
                              Divisional Secretary      (Mobile No 09866124717)
                            Smt.R.Vijayalaxmi,Asst,Manager PSD,Tri  (Mobile No 0944616234)
                            Smt J.A.Sujatha,PA,ManasaGangothriPO Mysore-6(Karnataka)           
                             Circle Vice President   Mobile No 09844416295


P.S.BABU said...

Congratulations. Though belated, the active role being played by women leaders in the present day T U movement is now recognized It would have been ideal if some of them are elected as office bearers of the CHQ. The Circles may also be advised to elect women members as the Circle Union Office bearers in future.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to all newly elected Woman leaders ! In every Organisation it has been the grievance that women members do not get due recognition and their bonafide share of responsibility. Glad that NAPE has formulated a separate Committee to focus on various issues relating to Women Employees.

I greet and wish that our Sisters shall not only concentrate on specific Womens problems but shall continue to contribute much more actively to NAPE as a whole.
- M. SenthilRajan,
Madurai Division.

P.S.BABU said...

I convey my sincere thanks to the General Secretary for my nomination to the women committee at Apex level. I also concey my thanks to the Circle Secretary, Tsmil Nadu Circle for recommending my name to the G.S to this committee. I shall try my best to fulfill the tasks entrusted to me to the satisfaction of all our members.

R.Vijayalakshmi, Asst.Manager,PSD, Tiruchirapalli 620 001 (T.N)

Anonymous said...

The CHQ had taken good steps to encourage women members of our Union to take active parts in the T U movement. The G.S deserves all appreciations.

Uma Maheswari

Anonymous said...

Thanks to GS FNPO for including Vijayalakshmi Madam in the Womens Committee. Better late than never, a hard working and dedicated woman Union activist is duly respected for her colourful Union service ## Meenakshi,Trichy

Anonymous said...

Conratulation to the newly elected women leaders especially to Ms.R.Vijayalakshmi. I convey my sincere thanks to the circle union,NUPE-C, for nominating the very right person for the committee.

Anonymous said...

Thanks to FNPO leadership for nominating Mrs.Vijayalakshmi for National Women's committee. She is the proper person to voice ,not only Supervisors' or gender problems, but every staff matter when there is injustice. Wish her all success ! = Subbu