Wednesday, December 22, 2010


THE DEPARTMENT ISSUED NOTIFICATION FOR THE FORMAL MEETING ON 27-12--2010 AT 11 AM. COPY OF ORDER I S REPRODUCED BELOW. This is fixed on the requisition made by the SG FNPO and GS NAPEC . refer the previous blog posting
No 25-10/2010-PE I dated 20th Dec 2010
Sub:- Cadre Restructuring of Group C other than Accounts Cadre-Constitution of a committee

It has been decided to hold a meeting of the above committee on 27-12-2010 at 11 A.M in the chamber of DDG(Estt.)
2.You are therefore requested to make it convenient to attend the meeting.

Member of the official Side
1. Sh A.K.Sharma DDG(Estt.)
2. Sh Salim Haque DDG( P)
3.Ms BP Sridevi Dir(Staff)

Members of Staff Side

1.K.V Sridharan General Secretary AIPEU Group C
2.Giriraj Singh,General Secretary AIRMS&MMS EU GroupC
3.D.Kishan Rao General Secretary NAPE Group C
4.T.N.Rahate,Gemeral Secretary NUPE Postmen & Group D as an obsewrver