Monday, October 25, 2010



A Delegation consisting of eight union representatives of FNPO and NFPE visited Royal Mail from 18th to 23 rd of October 2010.The delegation was lead by Sri A.K.Sharma DDG(Estt) and Sri Subhash Chander ,Director (SR) coordinated the tour programme. The FNPO  was represented by the General Secretaries of PIII.P IV ,and R IV. S/S D.Kishan Rao,T.N.Rahate and A.H.Siddiq.

The tour is successful in as much as the union representatives has got a chance to observe the urgent need of the technological change of the Post due to  the liberalization of postal markets in both the countries to improve the efficiency and for a level playing field with other market operators besides maintaining the UPSO obligation as both the countries are committed for the UPSO.UK regulation and liberalization started in 1-1-2006 and mail regulator came in to existence and 50  operators are granted licenses besides the Royal Mail in the market without the UPSO .The strength of the Royal Mail is its unique door delivery system like India Post with 148000 frontline employees ,450000 collections a day,27 million delivery points,33000 vehicles plus 29 Aircrafts 27000 bicycles.

               The Royal Mail suffered losses to the tune of 100 million pounds in 2008-09  and borrowed 1.2 billion pounds to interest for changing the infrastructure and improving efficiency to compete with the other operators in the Market.The India Post and the Royal Mail has the similarities in the nature but for the modernization and the advancement in the technology to meet the market challenges. For detailes of the Royal mail services please click on the right side nupegc Database.
General Secretary