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No1-30 Date 15-06-2010

The Secretary,
Department of Posts
New Delhi
Sub:- Merger of Single Handed TSO’s with ‘A’’B’Clas&LSG
Offices and downgradation of unjustified HOs into MDGs R
The pruning/merger of ‘C’class office surely provecounterproductive as the ‘C’ class offices are highly potential and the SPMs are completely involved in promoting the BD products PLI and Savings Bank and equally extending to after sale services faster and with quality
The pruning of Department was already done right from the inception of TBOP/BCR with the sacrificing of posts proportionate to the promotions and without any further recruitment.
If at all there are any ‘C’ class offices which are unproductive and non-profit making are very negligible of less than 1%, such ‘C’Class offices can be identified and the post may be merged with nearest potential ‘C’ Class S.O due to be converted into “B” Class and in its place a EDBO should be established to cater the same services extended by SO fulfilling the local demand.
The question of conversion of ‘C’ Class SOs into ‘B’ Class Sos was raised long back as MIS/RD Closures is being done at such offices without second supervisory check. If at all the Department moots to convert ‘C’ into ‘B’ class it can be done by augmenting the STAFF so as to prevent frauds. A sub committee was constituted under the scheme of JCM Departmental council and it was approved to take action vide Note No6-2/2006-SR dated 23-07-06 ordered to frame norms for all items of work handled in the smaller offices so that proper redeployment of staff can be made to needy offices
The entire exercise is understandably being done on account of heavy expenditure being incurred by the Department on PAY PENSION and ESTABLISHMENT so as to curb the expenditure the Department need not seek a negative path by closing the “C” Class offices or by Downgrading/Converting HOs into MDGs
There are several options the Department can look into.
1. The Department should thoroughly scrutinize and peruse the function of REGIONAL OFFICES, the most unproductive offices as there is no sale or after sale services to the customers/public and simply acts as a transit office of transmitting the orders from the top to the subordinate offices and collecting data from the subordinate offices by intimidation which is of no value and transmitting the same to the top. In fact, of late, several statements have been introduced viz., hourly ,daily ,weekly fortnightly monthly, half yearly and yearly as if the POST OFFICE is attending to a very highly essential services like emergency/calamity services and has to be monitored closely, spending lakhs of Rupees on telephone calls alone and also on tele-conferences.

2.It is known fact that the expenditure incurred on one REGIONAL OFFICE alone is equivalent to 100 ‘C’ Class Offices or more than 50 ‘B’ Class offices. It can be inferred that the very existence of R O s is not justified.

Therefore, the closure of REGIONAL OFFICES is very much mooted so that the closure will result in optimum utilization of man-power with more production and better services to the public by which the Department can save huge expenditure.

A copy of the letter received by the circle unions is enclosed. My union feels that thorough Discussion with the staff side is necessary on the above proposals, first at the central level.
Yours Sincerely,

( D.Kishan Rao)

Department called for views of the Unions on Strategic Plan

The Department has called for views of the Union on the strategic Plan for the Department of Post for the years 2010-11 to 2014-15.The interested activists may send their suggestions to the union item wise for submitting consolidated report .Copy of the letter is enclosed hereunder


D.O NO O&M/16-3/2010 Dated 03-06-2010

Dear Sri Kishan Rao

I have been nominated as the Chair person of the committee to prepare the strategic Plan for the Department of posts for the next five years i.e 2010-11 to 2014-15

2. When your rich experience in the department, I am sure you would have very valuable suggestions as to what should be the strategic plan for the department

3. The approach is to focus on the core values of the department, identify the new opportunities and priorities that need to be upgraded improved or included in the plan

4. I would request you to give this some deep thought and i shall be grateful if you could communicate your suggestions so that this can be discussed and deliberated upon in the committee meetings before the plan is finalized.

With regards,

Yours sincerely

(Shanti Nair)