Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The General Secretary discussed the following issues with the concerned officers of the Department and the latest position is:
  1. .Consequent on dismissal of Bharatiya case in Chennai High Court as posted in our Website orders are under issue ,restoring all the trade union facilities to AIPEU,Class III and NAPE GROUP C, including deputation of General secretaries on Foreign service and orders expected today
  2. .The NAPE Group C requested for issue of fresh Guidelines on rotation transfers  last month. The file is being processed and orders will be issued shortly.
  3.  The General Secretary requested for extension of promotion to the HSG I officials who were promoted as one time measure  and continued for further period ,pending issue of new recruitment rules. The file is under submission and extension will be granted in due course.
          GS NAPEC


       The DOPT constituted  Joint Anomalies committee   to look in to the Anomalies arising out of implementation of MACP. The Circle /Divisional Secretaries may send the Anomalies to the CHQ for taking up with the Federation to send them to the National Anomalies committee.We may also demand for constitution of such committee at Department level as the Postal Department as naval anomalies.


                                                                   Government of India
                                        Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
                                                       Department of Personnel & Training 

                                                                                                                           North Block, New Delhi,
                                                                                                                          Dated the 3rd May 2010
                                                      OFFICE MEMORANDUM
                            Subject: Constitution of a Joint Committee to examine the Anomalies
                                          pertaining to the Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme.

                          The undersigned is directed to refer the discussions during the second meeting of the National Anomaly Committee held on 27* March 2010 and to state that it has been decided to constitute a Joint Committee to examine the anomalies pertaining to the Modified Asswed Career Progression Scheme (MACPS). The Composition of the Joint Committee will be as under:
                       Oficial Side                                                       Staff Side
1. Joint Secretary (Estt), DoP&T- Chairman.              1. Shri M. Raghvahiya
2. Joint Secretary (Pers), Deptt. Of Expenditure           2. Shri S.K. Vyas
3. Director (E-I), DoPT.                                              3. Shri C. Srikumar
4. Director1 DS(JCA), DoPT - Member Secy.           4. Shri Umraomal Purohit

2. The Joint Committee shall examine all the anomalies pertaining to MACPS
forwarded by the Secretary, Staff Side and submit its report to the Chairman of the
National Anomaly Committee.    
                                                                                    DINESH KAPILA 
                                                                                 Deputy Secretary (JCA)

Chairman and all Members of the Joint Committee on MACPS.

Copy also to:

1. PPS to Secretary, Department of Personnel & Training, North Block, 1New Delhi.
2. All Members of the National Anomaly Committee.
3. Secretary, Staff Side, National Council (JCM), 13-C, Firoz Shah Road,New Delhi
4. N I CDo.P& T with the request that this O.M. may be placed on the