Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Retired govt. staff eligible for medical reimbursement says Delhi High Court

Ruling that all government employees, even those retired, are entitled for medical reimbursement, Delhi High Court on Tuesday asked the City Government to pay the medical bills of a man who retired from a government enterprise in 2002.  "The state has a constitutional  obligation to bear the medical expenses of its staff while in service and after they retire," said a H C Bench.

......Source 'The Times of India' Delh edition dt. 31.3.2010

Your Savings account will now earn 16 - 18% more

From Thursday 01-04-2010 every  rupee that you keep in your savings bank account will earn more money.  According to Reserve Bank Of India mandate, from April 1, banks will calculate interest paid on money kept in the savings bank account on a daily basis.   This is a departure from the earlier practice of calculating interest on the lowest balance after the 10th of every month.

The change in calculation of interest paid on money kept in one's savings bank account made possible by the use of technology in banking, will translate to about 16 - 18% higher earnings for the depositor, top bankers said.

Fake Instructions on Over Time Alolowance - regarding

The DOP&T vide order No. 15011/10/2010- Estt. (AL) dated 30th March, 2010 informs that fake orders on revised rate of Over Time Allowance are being circulated in Central Government Offices and clarified that no such instruction has been issued by the Department or Ministry of Finance.  The DOP&T had advised not to take cognizance of the fake instructions being circulated in Central Government Offices.

April 14th 2010 will be a closed Holiday for Central Govt. Establishments

The DOP&T Order vide order No.12/3/2010 - JCA.2 dated 29th March, 2010 states that it has been decided to declare Wednesday, the 14th April 2010, as a closed holiday on account of birthday of Dr.B.R.Ambedkar for all Central Government Offices including industrial establishments, throughout India.

Meeting with Member (P)

Myself and Shri. P.S.Babu met Member (P) on 26th and 30th March 2010.  Many subjects were discussed in these days.  We brought to the notice that the recent DOP&T order No.21011/1/2005-Estt. (A) dated 6.01.2010 clarifying that the ACRs prior to the reporting period 2008-09,  the existing grading shall be blocked is not communicated to the Circles which has resulted that many are not promoted to ACP I, ACP II and ACP III because of the remark 'average' in their CRs.  The Member (P) called the concerned officers and said that this order will be communicated to the Circles soon.  We also brought to the notice about the victimization of our Union Office bearers in Gujarat Circle. The Member (P) settled this issue also and we conveyed our thanks to the Member (P) for her humanitarian approach. Other items discussed are under active consideration and we shall communicate the results in due course.