Friday, March 12, 2010

Letter from Shri.S.Sambndam, Convenor IPSBCO Staff Association (FNPO) to G.S., NAPE-C

It is very well known that there is an ill intention at the attitude of Shri SP Kulkarni, that the merger of IPSBCO with AIPSBCO/nfpe. As a Circle Secretary, IPSBCO, Tamilnadu, I strongly objected his action for not having single word of discussion in this regard. I felt very much sorry for, all of sudden, he had mortgaged us to other association/Fed. What is need for merger? at an urgency manner! At the morning I have received the instructions for collecting Forms from SBCO members, for verification of membership ordered by Dte. In the evening I am seeing the 'merger' news item in the Websites.

I objected and asked him to come back over phone and sent a Letter under Speed Post. It is here as a attachment.

The FNPO, asked me to work as Convener/GS. to IPSBCO staff Assn(FNPO). With great pleasure I accept it

The NAPE G C has published in the website as a flash news item. Thank you very much for the same.

I was with Amarar KR since 1977. I worked as DVNL SECTY / NUPE CIII., for more than 20 years. and Office Bearer of Circle Union of TN. Also worked as Regnl. Secty of NUEDA during the Years 1980-84. I hope I will do my job very well, as All india Convenor of IPSBCO(FNPO). I request you Sir, kindly do necessary help, and direction to all CS of our NAPE to retain our IPSBCO, Circle secretaries.
Thanking you sir,

Please find attachment.

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