Friday, February 26, 2010

Top Postal Officer Arrested by CBI

It is reported that Shri.M.S.Bali, Chief Postmaster General, Maharastra Circle was arrested by the CBI on 24-02-2010 from a restaurant when he was accepting a bribe of Rs.2 crore.  Along with Mr.Bali two middlemen who collected the bribe  on behalf of the former were also arrested.

It is reported that the CPMG had demanded the money to give a no-objection certificate for developing a 2000 square meter plot.

A search of the residential premises of Shri.M.S.Bali in Mumbai has unearthed Rs.34 lakh, 10,722 US dollars, 3,050 pounds, and 3,475 euro dollars.  Shri.M.S.Bali had immovable propery in Faridabad, Punchkula, Dwaraka in New Delhi, Bhopal and Gurgaon.

The CBI calls it the biggest such case involving a Government official in 60 years

We feel that the inaction on the part of the the Postal Directorate when Unions brought so many irregularities against officers of the Circles encourages them to indulge in this kind of activities. The Postal Directorate simply calls for the report and reproduces the same as reply to the Service Unions without going through the merits of the case.  The CHQ had reported similar building cases against some officers of the Maharastra Circle but no action seems to have been taken yet.