Monday, February 8, 2010

Anomaly Committee Meeting Subjects

Some members raised why the subjects notified by the NAPE Gr.C are not at all discussed in the meeting held on 5th Feb.’10. I was informed only on the 4th Feb.10 that the staff side secretary had already informed to the S.G, FNPO in writing that the subjects given by our Union does not come under the purview of the anomaly committee and hence it was not included. I am also upset and I do not want to comment any more on this subject now.

However during discussion on the item 14 of the agenda regarding higher pay scale for the Supervisors, I raised as to how a LSG Supervisor who is drawing Rs.2800 Grade Pay can supervise a BCR Postman/PAs who are drawing Rs.4200 as grade pay and said this anomaly should be settled. Then the department agreed to take up this issue with the Nodal Ministries. The CHQ will take up other issues separately with the Department and do its best to solve them.