Friday, January 15, 2010


We have received Maha Sankranthi / Pongal Greetings from our members, friends and well wishers through SMS and by Greeting Cards.  We reciprocate the same and wish all of them a happy Sankranthi/ Pongal.

As we are unable to acknowledge individually, we convey our thanks through this website.


D. Kishan Rao                                                                                                  P.S.Babu

G.S., NAPE Group C                                                                          Ex-G.S., NUPE Group C

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The DoT issued revised orders of Provisional Appointment after deleting the names of the IPOs, ASPO's and retired officials. The revised lilst contains the names o f 385 officials only.  Now the Government had decided that Member (Finance) , Telecom Commission will be the cadre control authority.

In view of the above decision, the Department of Posts cancelled its D.O Letter No. 2-9/2009-SPG dated 09.10.2009.  The office order No. 25-31/2009 dated 31.12.2009 is modified to the extent that Heads of Circles will endorse the orders of Accounts Cadre officers to the subordinte units.  The Suordinate units will take cognizance of the orders only after due endorsement by the Heads of Circles.

Time limit for acceeptance of Provisional offer of Appointment as AAOs is extended upto 31-01-2010.

The Department of Posts also instructed the Heads of Circles to ensure that the existing sanctioned strength of IP&T AFS Group 'B' in all Postal Accounts Offices is maintained at the level existing as ondate as per Establishment Division letter No. 43-103/2009-PE.II dated 31.12.2009