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GovernmentIndia Ministry of Communications & IT
Department of Posts
(SR Section)
Dak Bhawan Parliament Street
New Delhi – 110001

No. 1/4/2010-SR Dated – 6th August, 2010

Subject: - Secretary (P)’s meeting with Postal Joint Council of Action on 12.07.2010 – Item No. 6 –                Cadre  Restructuring of Group ‘C’ employees, other than Accounts Cadres –                                Constitution of  a Committee

This has reference to minutes of Secretary (P)’s meeting dated 12.07.2010 circulated vide No. 08/02/2010-SR dated 14.07.2010 on the above-mentioned subject.
2. As per decision taken in regard to item No 6,dealing with cadre restructuring of Group C employees,other than Accounts cadres, a committee comprising the following is constituted to examine the issue.

                      DDG (Estt)-  Charman
Official Side
Director (SPN)
Staff Side
Shri. K. V. Sridharan, GS, AIPEUG – ‘C’
Shri. Giri Raj Singh, GS, AIRMS & MMS EU Group ‘C’
Shri. D. Kishan Rao, GS, NAPE Gr. ‘C’

Shri. D. Theagarajan, General Secretary of National Union of RMS & MMS Group ‘C’ will attend the meetings of the Committee as an observer.
3. The Committee will submit its report within 3 months of its formation.

(Subhash Chander)
Director (SR & Legal)


Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

While thanking you very much for your hearty and expeditious steps taken to safeguard the interests of Supervisors throughout the nation, we submit that we fully depend on you in expressing our views before the Committee on Cadre restructuring.

We propose to submit to you our suggestions in detail separately. Yet we request you to kindly uphold that
1. Supervisory posts should be made more coveted posts. That is, commensurate with the responsibilities and sufferings attached to those posts, they should be attractive in terms of pay, perks and status;
2. There should be reasonable difference between the emoluments of Supervisors and that of the Supervised;
3. The division of Supervisory posts into Postmaster cadre and non-Postmaster cadre should be avoided. That is, Supervisors should be allowed to work in any Supervisory posts without any restriction viz.a viz posting at Delivery SOs alone etc. Division of posts in the name of Postmaster cadre will narrow down the choices of Supervisors and they will be burdened with heavy transfer liabilities. To be more specific, one Supervisor cannot work in his home town all along like a MACP-III grantee. No matter if he opts for PM cadre or opts out, he will definitely be posted out of his City for want of Posts. B'coz most of the Regions do not have SPM/PM posts (or APM/Dy.PM posts) in all three cadres ie., LSG, HSG-II and HSG-I in one Division.

We request you to kindly voice our views suitably, highlighting our difficulties at field level . Kindly use your good offices to quash the theorum of 'Work more, take less' through this opportunity. All the best !

- M. Senthil Rajan, FNPO P3, Madurai Division, TN.

Anonymous said...

Dear Raoji,
Namasthe. I was told that there is no scope of revising the grade pay or pay band in favour of any cadre. Particularly there is no chance to hike HSG pay. However it is told that somewhere in the recommendations of VI CPC, a Department can grant Supervisory allowance upto 6000/-. If so why cant we ask Rs.4000/- for all LSG Supervisors, 5000/- for HSG-II and 6000/- for HSG-I ?

In fact after introduction of MACPS, an official who has got 4600/- Grade pay will never like to take up the torturous HSG-I PM post unless it is available locally without quarters & with comfortable working hours. Actually he is right and wise. Why should he ? When he is answerable to many reckless and arrogant Officers threatening orally with (Project) arrows as well as local Union leaders amidst heavy staff shortage and old worn out machines, his pay package should be more colorful - atleast with a sizeable allowance.

Deceiving him by posing meagre 33% of 116 Sr.PM posts available all over India will not fetch good quality of Supervisors to the Department. Please take it effectively.

Anonymous said...

Before the implementation of 6th cpc,the pay scale(now,the grade pay)of a postal assistant was never behind than that of a postman.Now,the entry pay of a postal asst is 2400 and a 2nd acp postman and a 3rd acp postman are blessed with 2800 and 4200 respectively.This anomaly should be given due importance.It is heard that the recruitment rules of PAs clearly state that the pay of a PA should not be less than that of a postman.If it is so,we should not ignore this issue.We are expecting a positive response from the leadership.

Anonymous said...

Dear GS Sir,
Thank u very much for taking up the cadre restructuring issue. I support the opinion of Mr.Senthil rajan and another anonymous person.
I have full faith in you sir that yourself alongwith the other committee members will definitely do justice to the cadre of supervisors in particular to those Fast Track supervisors who are being humilated in all the ways( by the elderly and admn)

Ravichander,Postmaster, Trimulgherry HO, Sec'bad-15
dated 11.8.2010 at 10 pm

Anonymous said...


An MACP-III PA has been provided with an opportunity to decline LSG promotion when he gets it in 32nd year of service as he has already got the Grade Pay of HSG-I Postmaster without doing that work at all. But an LSG supervisor cannot decline even HSG-II promotion(though he has already got the same grade pay of Rs.4200/-through II MACP) for the reason that if he declines any promotion , III MACP will not be given. So he is at the compulsion to accept and go to far off postings even at his 29th year of service. This injustice to Supervisors should be removed. Declination of promotions should be dealt with by maintaining a parity between norm based supervisors and MACP PAs.
- P. Perumal, President, FNPO(Cl.III), Madurai Dn. 625005.

Anonymous said...

Dear GS Sir,
Thank u very much for taking up the cadre restructuring issue. I support the opinion of Mr.Senthil rajan and another anonymous person.
I have full faith in you sir that yourself alongwith the other committee members will definitely do justice to the cadre of supervisors in particular to those Fast Track supervisors who are being humilated in all the ways( by the elderly and admn)

There must be some some pay benifit for the in charge of any office despite the grade of the post office.

W.Manu kumar HSG-II SUBPOSTMASTER Vallioor- 627117

Anonymous said...

Dear sir,
Thanking you for taking up this cadre restrucring atleast now because this would have been constituted before the fast track examination held in the year 2002. Of late iam to submit that the supervisor cadre has been completely ignored by the dept and never tried to do justice. Because in every dept there is financial upgradation if promoted to higher cadre except in our dept. I therefore request your goodselves that if the dept is not considering separate scale for LSG, HSG-II, HSG-I let all the cadres removed and the supervisor posts should be filled up by MACP-III PAs as per the seniority. Or there should be special pay for supervisors as suggested above by one of the comrade which should be taken into account at the time of pay fixation in the next higher cadre. It is also suggested to make the supervisor cadres divisional level to facilitate the officials to work interestingly and happily.
Thanking you sir,
B.Murali Krishna Murthy
Sub postmaster,
Musheerabad DSO
Hyderabad-500 020

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
Incontinuation of 7th comment i want to add one more suggestion that if the dept is agreed for cadre restructing the grade pay of LSG cadre should be demanded as 4600/-, HSG-ii Rs. 4800/- and for HSG-I Rs. 5400/- because the MACP-III PAs drawing grade pay Rs.4600/-
will be working under LSG cadre. So therefore the grade pay of supervisors should be started from Rs.4600/- not below than that. If the dept is not considered this demand then all the three cadre should be removed and the postmaster vacancies should be filled up as per the seniority among officials MACP-iii PAs. And on option should be given to willing FTP officials to go back to their original posts with pay protection since most of them have not completed 30 years of service.

Anonymous said...

Dear sir ,
Are there any updates on Cadre Restructuring. There is a rumour that the entry cadre of PAs gradepay may be 2800. As said in earlier comments by comrades , it is more justified when they sanction the expected grade pays for LSG , HSG cadres . They should also consider the responsibilities handling by these cadres in this modern technical postal world.