Monday, February 1, 2010

Applicability of MACP to officials who have earlier declined LSG /HSG promotions

It is reported that in one Circle that officials who have declined LSG/ HSG promotions before the introduction of MACP scheme were not considered for financial upgradation under MACP  Myself and Shri.P.S.Babu met the concerned officers last week and urged them to exempt those officials as one time measure since they were not aware of the rules of the MACP at the time of declining the LSG/HSG promotions. The officers said that they will consider the issue sympathetically.  We hope favorable oreders early.

= General Secretary


Anonymous said...

Are those who opted LSG/HSG promotions and got disp0laced from their divisions for long time and suffered alot are fooollllls?

thankam said...

There is a saying in the department that wise people doesnot accept promotions they simply decline and sit where they are comfortable ,get transfer from D/O to HO and viceversa and enjoy their career whereas some enthusiastic people goes to accept the norm based promotion evenif there is no financial uplift but only loss.this is not just.