Monday, February 8, 2010

Anomaly Committee Meeting Subjects

Some members raised why the subjects notified by the NAPE Gr.C are not at all discussed in the meeting held on 5th Feb.’10. I was informed only on the 4th Feb.10 that the staff side secretary had already informed to the S.G, FNPO in writing that the subjects given by our Union does not come under the purview of the anomaly committee and hence it was not included. I am also upset and I do not want to comment any more on this subject now.

However during discussion on the item 14 of the agenda regarding higher pay scale for the Supervisors, I raised as to how a LSG Supervisor who is drawing Rs.2800 Grade Pay can supervise a BCR Postman/PAs who are drawing Rs.4200 as grade pay and said this anomaly should be settled. Then the department agreed to take up this issue with the Nodal Ministries. The CHQ will take up other issues separately with the Department and do its best to solve them.


venu said...

Please ensure that the anamoly of grade pay 2800 for postnam and 2400 for postal assistants is resolved. I reqeust you to handle this issue faster and put the positive results in resolving this issue on the website so that this can be used for attracting members from other union to this union during verification process. Think faster and act fast

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,

Thanks for being frank and coming out with the truth. It is a known secret that many a people always want to dilute the weight of the demand for higher pay to Supervisors. Some leaders want to carry the baggage of TBOP/BCR whenever they demand for LSG/HSG-II so that totally the demand will be rejected. Their aim is clear that they want to please the mass of TBOP/BCR and not to achieve the demand.

But the demand of our Union is very justified and turning it down as flimsy as 'out of purview of anomally committee' is quite unreasonable. Unless a clear difference is established between the pay of Supervisor and the supervised, all the efforts of the improve efficiency at basic level will prove futile.

I wish that you should not give it up until achieved as assured in the Circle Conference of Tamilnadu at Cuddalore. Kindly ignore the setbacks and continue to strive for which Supervisors all over the nation will be thankful to you.
- M. Senthil Rajan, FNPO P3, Madurai - 625106

Anonymous said...

nobody is giving ear to the grievances of the postal assistant cadre,while the cadre of officers,postman& group d gets upgradation.system administrators who belongs to the pa cadre are the worst affected who bear huge responsibilities.the leadership
should take up the problems of postal assistants and system administrators seriously and urgently.

Anonymous said...

what is the latest postion in the cadre restructuring process?the union leadership should concentrate in this issue with maximum importance.this is the last resort of the sidelined pa cadre.

Anonymous said...

thanks for speaking bitter is a fact that discontent is growing slowly and steadily among the postal assistants.they feel that nothing is being done to get practical results.

Anonymous said...

if the grade pay of the supervisor is not above than that of the supervised,who is responsible for this ridiculous condition?

Anonymous said...

let us hope that very shortly,the grade pay of a postal assistant will go behind that of a mse(group d).

Anonymous said...

Gr.B Exam:
Applications called for from candidates with 5 years in LSG as on Jan 2008(for gen.line quota)Only 1 % who are likely to retire from service that too before declaration of results will be eligible.In fact the vacancies will be transferred to IP line. request interfere on the matter.