Wednesday, November 11, 2009

GDS Problems

I met the DDG ( Estt.) today and discussed about the various GDS problems. He said that the department is also very much concerned about the GDS and actions are initiated to provide them with Social Security Scheme (like pension to departmental employees) and also considering proposal to give them medical benefits. He had assured to expedite the proposals.

1. The Department has got the proposals from the Provident fund Development authority and processing the pension as a Social Security scheme for GDS employees.

2. The issue of Health care scheme, the permission of health ministry is taken and it is under process.

3. The department is raising the incentives as detailed below:

(i) For RPLI and PLI proposals for a new Policy present Rs. 250 for one lakh policies will be increased to Rs.400 and per subsequent premium, the present incentive will be doubled. For RD, incentive will be introduced. All the GDS will be covered in these schemes.

4. The Department is finalizing the time factors for the RPLI and it will be same as of PLI time factor to the departmental employees. The SB Accounts of NREGS, the same time factor of the SB will be given. In respect of OAP Money Orders, the same time factor for the regular money orders will be given.

5. The GS argued about the fixation of TRCA on the revised scales as only the arrears were drawn on the basis of third scale. The DDG agreed to issue necessary clarificatory orders.

Filling up of HSG II Posts in Tamil Nadu Circle

Today, the General Secretary, NAPE-C met the DDG (P) and the Director (SPN) regarding the above subject and had a detailed discussion. They have agreed to fill up the unfilled HSG II posts . The officers, it is learnt had also spoken to the officer concerned in Tmail Nadu Circle. I have also contacted the concerned officer in the CPMG’s office in Tamil Nadu Circle and had a thorough discussion. He had assured to take action immediately and I hope that HSG II posts lying unfilled will be filled up.The GS also explained the experience of A.P. where the notional promotions were given even after 2002 which were cancelled thereafter. The GS argued that for the sake of disputed promotions they can not victimize the eligible officials waiting for the promotion and they will be penalized if their promotions are not considered before 31-12-2009.The Circle office is expected to issue orders immediately.

The CHQ conveys its thanks to Shri.C.Kumaran, Regional Secretary, NAPE Gr.C, Shri.V.Mohan, Secretary, NAPE-C, Coimbatore Division and Shri. M. Senthilrajan, NAPE-C, Madurai Division for having brought this issue to the notice of the CHQ.