Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Implementation of GDS Committee Recommendations – Latest Position

Today the General Secretary, NAPE Group C and the Secretary General, FNPO met the Secretary, Department of Posts and urged release of orders on GDS Committee recommendations and payment of arrears to GDS before Diwali. Letters were also submitted by FNPO, NAPE Group C and NUGDS to the Secretary (Posts) seeking payment of Rs.10, 000/- as advance immediately before the festival pending disbursement of arrears. The Secretary informed that the minutes of Cabinet Meeting are expected on Thursday and orders will be issued on the same day of receipt of minutes. We also met the concerned DDG and he has also said that even if the order is received on 9th morning, he will issue orders on the same day evening. If the minutes are received on the 9th evening, he will dispatch the orders on Saturday morning.

The officers have suggested the Union the following action plans to help the GDS colleagues to get the disbursement before the festival:

The Divisional Secretaries, Circle Secretaries of NAPE Group C and NUGDS will send the copies of undertaking to be obtained from the GDS employees by the DDOs before effecting the payment and submit the undertaking duly signed by the concerned GDS to the DDOs without waiting for the DDOs to send the declarations. Proforma of undertaking is given below. This is to avoid non submission of declaration as a hurdle for the disbursement.

The orders are expected on Friday, the Divisional Secretaries should meet the concerned SSPO’s/SPO’s and request them to attach staff on holidays by incurring OTA for fixation of revised TRCA based on the examples given in the Directorate orders. The tables given in the GDS commission report will not be useful as 5% TRCA is added for fixation benefit from 1.4.2004.

Meanwhile the DDOs and staff of Accounts branches may be requested to prepare and keep the skeleton bills ready well before receipt of fixation orders from the Divisional Office.

I hereby undertake that any excess payment that may be found to have been made as a result of incorrect fixation of pay or any excess payment detected in the light of discrepancies noticed subsequently will be refunded by me to the Government either by adjustment against future payments due to me or otherwise.

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Meeting by the DDG (Estt.) with FNPO and its affiliated Unions

A meeting was held on 6.10.2009 with DDG (Estt.) for discussion on the “Action Taken Report” on sectional Charter of demands submitted by FNPO and its affiliated Unions in the meeting with the Secretary (Posts) held on 13.1.2009.

Similarly, the meeting with the DDG (Personnel) and DDG (FS) will be held shortly.

The outcome on the items of Group C relating to Establishment Section is as under:

Item No. 2 of ATR Annexure I

Refix the wages of all paid substitutes – RRR Candidates Part time/contingent w.e.f 1.1.2006 on the basis of revised pay scales.

Action: Orders in respect of Temporary status officials were already issued. In respect of RRR candidates, the competent authority will be decided and orders will be issued shortly. Most probably CPMG, T.N.Circle will be asked to issue orders. In respect of Part time/contingent officials, the file is sent to nodal Ministry for approval.

Item No. 18 of Annexure II

Fixing time factor for all work to which no norms are available.

Action: Time factor will be fixed for RPLI, NREGS and other business activities and orders are under issue

Item No 8 of Annexure I

Counting of special allowance for pay fixation- case of PO & RMS Accountants.

Action: - The granting of special allowance will be re-examined and allowance will be doubled in the context of MACP orders duly issuing clarification.

Item No.15 or Annexure I

Creation of System Administrator Posts and Marketing Executives. Grant of  special Pay and grant of Road mileage allowances, fixing norms etc.

Action: Pending cadre restructuring, orders are under issue for sanctioning conveyance allowance in slabs ranging from Rs.320 – 800 – 1100.

Item No. 4 Annexure III

Implementation of the Arbitration Award on OTA dated 4.9.2005

Action: - The 5th and 6th CPCs dispensed with OTA system. However proposal will be sent to the DoP&T proposing the need of continuation of OTA in operative side and revised rates of OTA.

Meeting with Secretary, Department of Posts

Today General Secretary, NAPE Group C and the Secretary General, FNPO met the Secretary, Department of Posts and submitted letters urging immediate grant of funds from welfare fund besides granting of natural calamity advance to the affected staff. The Secretary (Posts) responded immediately and asked the officers to obtain the reports of CPMsG by fax. The CPMG, Andhra requested Rs.4.5 lakhs from welfare fund and the same was allotted.

The CPMsG were asked to grant natural calamity advances after fulfilling the required conditions/rules as they are competent to grant such advances.

The letter of the CHQ addressed to the Secretary (Posts) is appended for information.

1 – 60 (2) dated the, 7th September, 2009


Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy,


Dept. of Posts,

New Delhi 110 001


Sub: - Relief to flood affected victims – Postal Officials in Andhra Circle

The unprecedented rain and floods had devastated entire Kurnool town in Andhra Pradesh and the entire Postal staff living in the Postal quarters and Postal officials residing in the areas adjoining to the river were rendered homeless and lost all their belongings. The Roads, Houses and bridges in Kurnool and Mahboobngar have also collapsed due to the flood.

The massive flood in the Krishna wreaked havoc in Krishna, Guntur and Nalgonda districts of Andhra Pradesh as enormous quantities of water were released from Nagarjunasagar dam.

My Union therefore urges to grant enough funds from Welfare fund besides granting natural calamity advances to the affected staff immediately for their survival.

My Union shall be thankful for urgent action and a line in reply.

Yours sincerely,



Kudos to Postal Employees of Proddatur Division – Kurnool Region- Andhra Circle

In the recent floods in Andhra and Karnataka States several thousands of people have been affected and rendered homeless and lost everything. The Postal Employees of Kurnool are also victims of the calamity.

The Postal Employees of Proddatur responded immediately and sent two trucks of food items, clothes, utensils and other items worth Rs.10 lakhs immediately.

The CHQ expresses its gratitude and congratulates Mr. David Raju, Regional Secretary, NAPE Group C and Sri.Venugopal Reddy, Divisionnal Secretary, NAPE Group C for their timely help in sending the assistance and becoming a role model

Appeal !

The CHQ appeals to all our members, well wishers and sympathizers to contribute generously for providing relief to the large number of Postal Officials who have been rendered homeless and lost all their belongings following unprecedented rain in Kurnool, Mahboobnagar, Guntur, Nandyal and Vijayawada in Andhra Pradesh Circle.

Contributions may please be sent to Sri.K. Manohar Rao, Circle Secretary, NAPE-Group C, Andhra Circle, APM, Secunderabad HPO, 500 003