Friday, September 4, 2009


In the era of ecenomic rationalisation, the heads of governments, declaring themselves as CEOs and strictly following mandates of world bank, Dr.YSR cheif minister of Andhra Pradesh had a different vision(2004-2009). The combination of welfare and development is possible, he proved. The free power to farmers, Arogya Sree-a free health program, Pensions to poor and contributary pension to all, 0.25% loans, Pay commissions, D.A and recruitment to employees sector or the transformation from the pay and use policies.Thus he is a model to other state and central governments. His mission reached the people and the charisma he gained is from the hearts of people and not from any other glamour

The NAPE, Group-C pays its tribute to the departed leader and dips its flag in salute

D Kishan Rao


NAPE, Group-C.