Sunday, March 8, 2009

Regarding Rotational Transfer of Staff working in P.Os

Many branches are approaching the CHQ for clarification whether post tenure or office tenure should be taken for transfer of an official under rotational transfer orders. Recently, it is learnt, that in one Division in Tamil Nadu Circle, had given a reply in the Monthly Meeting that post tenure is the criteria for transferring of an official under rotational transfers. This is applicable only in Class I Head Post Offices and not in other Post Offices including HPOs under Senior Postmasters. The order issued by the Directorate in this connection is reproduced for guidance and necessary action.
Dept. of Posts Order No. 4-95/Misc/03/2007 dated 16.7.2007
Sub: - Regarding Rotational Transfer of Staff working in Post Offices.

Tenures of Single handed and double handed SPMs and P As working in double handed SOs and above must be observed very strictly. Although instructions exist the overstayal of tenure has to be personally approved by the PMG/CPMG, many cases are noticed where Divisional Heads manage to continue staff beyond tenure on some pretext of the other and the inspecting officers also do not object this. In some cases, PA in double handed SOs is continued there itself as SPM, ignoring his previous stay as PA and treating the SPM.s tenure afresh from that date of posting as SPM. This is incorrect and office tenure as a whole should be observed strictly. Tenure of PAs working in HPOs is Four years with some exception for SB incentive qualified officials. It is observed that officials are retained far in excess of prescribed tenure, which needs to be stopped forthwith.

They will please send the compliance report and these instructions may be deep in mind at the time of Transfer Posting/ Rotational Transfer etc.

Please acknowledge the receipt of this letter.

Filling up of HSG I posts

We had earlier requested the Secretary, Dept. of Posts to approach again the Dept. of Personnel & Training to relax the recruitment rules for filling up the vacant HSG I posts due to non availability of HSG II officials who have completed 3 years service in that cadre. The Department has now approached the DoP&T for relaxation and orders are expected soon.

Filling up of vacant posts

Since, the Department of Personnel had rejected the proposal of the Dept. of Posts to exempt it from the puriview of the Screening Committee, we urged the Secretary, Dept. of Posts to fill up the available existing vacancies on priority basis immediately.