Friday, March 6, 2009

Implementation of GDS Committee Recommendations

Almost all the Branches of the GDS Union have expressed their anguish to this CHQ over the delay in implementing the GDS Committee recommendations and expressed their apprahension that since Lok Sabha election schedules were annouonced, it may take another two to three months for the Department to implement the recommendations of the GDS Committee.
The Secretary General, FNPO met the Secretary, Dept. of Posts on 26th Feb.'09 who assured that the code of conduct of elections will not prevent them to implement the recommendations.
Therefore, we feel, that the Department may implement the recommendations as soon as the same is approved by the Cabinet.

Reverification of Membership

Members may be aware that the Honorable High Court, Chennai delivered judgment on 6.1.2009 and directed the Department of Posts to issue fresh notification towards the recognition of trade unions, as per the the relvant Rules and decide the same with a period of four months. The Court had directred that the work of scrutiny of membership applications to be entrusted to an independent officer in the rank of Divisional Superintendent instead of DDO.
The Department had sent a fresh proposal in accordance with the judgment to the DoP&T and got the approval. There is another stay order of the Chennai High Court with regard to the re-verification process commenced in April 2008. Hence, the file is now sent to Law Ministry for its opinion. As soon as it is returned back, the Department may go in for fresh re-verification.